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« on: June 18, 2017, 12:21:08 PM »
I have booked shakira to sing at a venue. Then it turns out I'm shakira but I don't remember any of the songs and they are all in Spanish so I could hardly learn in time. I panic and look for advice as I'm really scared I'll get a bad reputation of being unprofessional. I run and ask this guy there, he calls another guy, they chat, it's all about 'being mates' and it's sorted out. I feel completely at sea and fear the boys-club network, but glad I've used it instead of making myself vulnerable, for once.

 (The alternative was to struggle on alone and likely be shamed and ostracised for messing up, by the venue owners and local cultural network mostly made of men, who will be kind to you if they find you attractive or sexually available and nasty otherwise..)

Now I'm sitting in the audience, a huge ballroom where I recently attended a literary event. I'm watching a woman do some kind of hands healing on another woman lying in a table on the stage. I'm really effected by how powerfully the woman's hands are effecting the woman being healed, her flesh is moving really strongly in response to the energy pull.  (When I wake later I think how interesting that both these are about the stage, I suffer badly from stage fright) As the woman continues, someone in the audience in front of me blocks my view by 'joining in' the healing waving her hand around, its clear she hasn't a clue and is just attention seeking, it's really annoying and I feel exhausted by how many idiots there are in the world that never get disciplined or called to account. I don't bother saying anything, because if I do, my pattern as yet unbroken despite the healing I've done to date, is that everyone sides with the idiot against me,

Then I'm peeing a lot. Two children mock me, then I'm in their home, their mother is in a wheelchair and also has some speech device. She tells me her two older children died or killed themselves. I start to cry I feel so sorry for her 'that must have caused you a great deal of pain' I say. She starts to weep very subtly, I can see my compassion for her has brought up emotion she doesn't let surface.

I feel this dream is exploring my inability to present myself well on stage without huge shame and fear debilitating me (and therefore make any career progress whatsoever).

Maybe I'm being healed in some way in the dream. For once men are helping me, instead of assaulting me.
The wheelchair bound woman, is barely a living soul, has had children who've died, doesn't care about the ones she has now. The room is airless, dry, deathly. She's got a terminal illness of some kind. But I feel she could be healed and the tears are the start.

Emm actually thinking back now.. I'm a bit suspicious of this woman. Maybe she actually killed the kids? Maybe she's the perpetrator and not the victim. Maybe I was falling into my old trap of immediately believing people, of being manipulated into caring for them.. On reflection there was nothing particularly warm about this woman at all..
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Re: Healer
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2017, 11:04:18 AM »
Dear Omega – I see peoples dreams as them being naked on stage, but doing it subtle by using dressing up and acting as different characters.

The woman in the wheelchair is an aspect of you, probably near to death because of the many thoughts, feelings and beliefs you have about yourself - inability to present myself well on stage without huge shame and fear debilitating me - I suffer badly from stage fright – etc.

Statistically you and I have very little chance of being shot or being crushed by a falling building. But there is every likelihood that we are already imprisoned, even tortured or manipulated by things we do not even acknowledge as being dangerous or capable of trapping us. We are all victims or captives of what we believe in.  People can, of course, believe what they wish, but such beliefs not only limit ones experience, they also create enormous conflicts, as with religious or political wars. More importantly they act as filters or blocks to a fuller relationship with other people and opportunities. Living like that is like a brick wall that we have created and cannot get through.

If you think about a friend, ask yourself, ‘Is this thought my friend?’ If you have feelings about the friend, ask yourself, ‘ Are these feelings an actual representation of my friend?” No they are not, but are simply your own thoughts and feelings. You cannot conjure your friend into existence by thinking about him or her. Thoughts and emotions are copies of things, just as a photo is a copy of something. They are never the people or things they attempt to copy. They are never reality.
So PLEASE remember this when build your opinion of yourself with thoughts or emotions.
Words are what we usually build our thoughts with, but is the word BIRD ever a reality? Or your thoughts about failure, success or in fact anything, are they the REALITY of YOU. “
At the other end of our waking awareness is an ocean of consciousness that does not have a focussed sense of self. This ocean of consciousness that is at the core of your being is what has been called many names. As you learn to enter more fully into your dreams you will gradually realise that your real self isn’t the body with a gender of male or female, but a shape shifter. You also will have learned how to dive under the surface of your conscious personality and realise that there is a huge and wonderful world often called the unconscious. It is actually awareness of Life, and in it you can become a bodiless consciousness, or be an animal, or know the wonder of animal consciousness.
Wake up to the world you are actually a part of. Many modern physicists, working with the information arising in experiments with quantum theory, tell us that our view of the world is based upon our blindness, and is very limited, and through its limitation, unreal. The implications of the theorem are enormous. Something can be in two places at once, in fact everywhere at the same moment. Apparently distant objects, or people, are intricately linked in an immediate way. There is no separate existence as we previously thought. Our view of the world is not one supported by the facts of physics. Time and space are transcended. People’s experiences of this dimension: