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« on: July 10, 2017, 09:09:49 AM »
During the same night....

1)  I am on a stage with other women.  We are all wearing womens clothes, yet I feel and I know I am a man in my body.  I feel like, all these other women, I am expected to wear the clothes and play a role.  A woman next to me says what is that smell?  Your clothes smell like lavender.  She says "You have to tell them."  I know I am expected to sing...the woman on my right is singing...I think I am her understudy possibly.  I take out a mouth guard I am wearing and I cab feel that I have all my teeth and I start singing "Renuzit" which is the name of an air freshener brand.

2)  I am in a seminar like room full of women...a woman asks the group what self - esteem has to do with myth...I tell her that I was raised to play a role...be a caretaker...I had a large extended blood related family...and now I am by myself and all I want to be is a lucky star.  The point I was trying to make is that, for me, being a caretaker did nothing for my self-esteem.  It was actually detrimental to it. I bought into it, played the role and now refuse to play it anymore.

Next I am in my parents backyard sitting at the picnic table...I am repeating what I told the women to my father...on the table there is a Sunday New York Times and the magazine section's cover is back and mostly gold.  On the cover it says Self - Esteem and Myth.

3)  I am in a Gynecologists office.  I lay on the table and have my knees bent but closed together.  The female nurse or doctor puts an ultrasound device on my stomach.  Instead of two ovaries I see my hypothalamus.  It is a beautiful light to medium blue to dark blue color.  I know the hypothalamus is considered by some to be the third eye. I ask about my ovaries and the nurse says let me test them...she goes to some small device and an oval indicator lights up yellow and then turns the same blue color.  And the second one I ask?  Same thing.  I get up from the table and a woman who looks like a younger version of myself...thin, long blond hair, a gold nurses outfit...turns and says "follow me."  She gestures with her hand and finger to come closer and follow her.

She points me to some spilled liquid on a counter next to a faucet.  It looks like water and coffee.


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Re: Trio
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2017, 10:29:41 AM »
Chris – No. 1 – All about the atmosphere you have around you – and you sing – expressing your soul purpose? – about help in getting rid of bad odours.

OK, I had a strange thought, maybe crazy; that you had so many lives as a male, this time you were born as a women to see what the ‘perfume’ you gave off then, and react to it.

But the dream says you have a well developed inner male.

No. 2 – Self esteem, as a women, is a huge part of your inner struggle, and continues to be. Self Esteem and myth have enormous connections. Remember that myth – the bible – fairy stories are all symbolical, and are all about the problems we face in personal  growth/maturity, and the hints gathered through the ages, of how to meet them.

The mythology of our psyche is important. It is the basic non-rational roots of our personality. Our psyche has its roots in such mythology, and the mythology gives some form to what lies beyond the rational mind and beyond form – perhaps beyond time and space. It is tempting to attempt reliving that mythology. We may even be trapped by it.

The trap is that patterns of behaviour pervade us as individuals, and pervade human society. These patterns are not necessarily leading toward our fulfillment. They exist as behavioural patterns that have existed for a long period of time. They are patterns that developed during our evolutionary shifts. They are not there as a guide to fulfillment. Consciousness, our personal consciousness, does not exist outside of this huge web of social and family patterns. For us to attain any semblance of real personal identity we need to become aware of these patterns in some degree. Such developing awareness is often painful. It is difficult because becoming aware is like a personal earthquake. It probes, it causes upheavals in perspective and values. It changes who we are and how we respond.

Human society is not a rational structure, despite the fact that we like to believe we are in control and rational. Looking at the level of international strife we can see that this is not the case. Irrational patterns of behaviour still play an enormous part in the way individuals and nations respond to each other. Social and personal behavioural patterns have developed out of ancient hierarchical ways of dealing with groups and leadership. Social structure is still linked very directly with the most ancient forms of interaction between primitive groups.

The psychiatrist Bruno Bettelhelm tells of a five-year-old boy whose mother was reading him “Jack, the Giant Killer.” “There aren’t any such things as giants, are there?” the boy suddenly asked. Before his mother could answer, he went on, “But there are such things as grown-ups, and they’re like giants.” When parents read such fairy tales, Bettelheim believes, they show that they understand the child’s fears of being powerless in a world of adults, and recognise the child’s need to grow toward independence.

Many mythical heroines have traditionally feminine adventures. In the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast,” a young woman overcomes her repugnance for a “beastly” man-representing sexuality, according to Bruno Bettelheim-and transforms him through her love into a prince. The ending is doubly reassuring because she need not reject her parents to find fulfilment. In fact, she goes to the Beast’s castle to save her father, and her love for her father prepares her to recognise a suitable romantic partner.

If we understand the myths we identify with and those we create ourselves, we can gain a deep inisight into who we are.

No. 3 – You were checking the fundamental health of your womanhood. But in doing so you realised that an active part of your self esteem is your mental activity, which acts, via the hypothalamus, to link your glandular system, your irrational or intuitve drives to your personal awareness. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/irrational/

The nurse is another aspect of yourself, also linked with your developmentof self esteem. She asks you to ‘follow her’. So, the indication is to be a help in peoples sickness – illness can take amny forms.

You were led to see what has been spilled, and possily to clean it  up. The source of water was next to it.

Quite a dream.

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