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Author Topic: Michael - don't know anyone by this name  (Read 2639 times)


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Michael - don't know anyone by this name
« on: September 10, 2017, 07:37:06 AM »
I dreamt that I fell in love with a beautiful man, inside and out. His name was Michael, he had olive skin, hazel eyes, jet black hair, was so gentle. He loved me back just as much if not more. He adored me. He wanted to wait until we got married before having relations. The desire between us was unbearable. However, he would tease me by putting his hand down my pants while under the blankets or stand behind me as if hugging me while getting an erection. All of this happened while fully clothed and in front of people where we could almost get caught to the point that it made me a bit uncomfortable but still excited me. I almost woke up from this dream two or three times but kept willing myself to go back to sleep to see Michael again. Also he was in some sort of military and it almost felt like he would be going away soon because of it. This only intensified the way we felt about each other. The last time I woke up we were just about to consummate our love before he went away to wherever he had to go. It also seemed like we were planning on getting married before he left. I woke up and could remember his name, his beautiful face, but mostly the intense way he loved me and how much I loved him. It felt so wonderful to be loved  like that. I rarely remember details of dreams, etc. So the fact that I remember him, his name, the way he looked, the way he touched me and the intensity of our love and want for each other has me a little freaked out. I have been thinking about Michael all day and my heart hurts as if I have lost him in my real life. Here is the kicker, I am a lesbian who is married with my wife of many years. What gives???

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Re: Michael - don't know anyone by this name
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2017, 09:42:50 AM »
Dclaudio66 – WOW, a real teaser. But dreams can show us a much more expanded self than what we know as our personality. A modern view of the personality says that our mind is made up of many modules which are quite distinct. These modules, such as the sexual drive and the ability to speak, usually function in a way which is reasonably integrated. But many areas of dissimilarity are evident if we closely observe the workings of our own responses to life experiences. Because we each hold certain ideas about ourselves – our self image – things we do which do not express this self image may shock or even frighten us.

So your dream Michael seems to have filled a gap in your feeling life – we all have them. Our body and background tends to polarise us to seeing ourselves as one gender with likes and dislikes. But behind the scenes of our conscious self is a very huge and different being. This being is multi sexual – male/female/homosexual – it is not limited to the body we know as self, but is a shapeshifter. We can be and are everything in the dimension of dreams. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/dimensions-of-human-experience/

Example: My dream starts with myself and couple of other people next to a fire. I notice a rat beside the fire; it tries to scurry off into the darkness. Next moment I am an owl swooping down upon the rat, I catch it in both my claws, swooping back up in the air. At this point I notice the entire dream is in an old building almost like a barn, with thick wooden rafters. I circle the fire just below the rafters; I notice one of the people beside the fire is my brother. I also come to the realisation that I am the owl, which I am very proud of. It is like I am a shape shifter and have been trying to transform into owl form for a long time.

Also, Michael may be your male self, giving you wholeness - http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetype-of-the-animus-jungs-view-of-the-male-in-the-female/