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Author Topic: woodpecker  (Read 1922 times)


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« on: September 16, 2017, 12:44:12 PM »
Had a dream one of my son's friends had psychic abilities.  He used them to tell me there were woodpeckers on the back of the house we were at.  I went out back and he was there, and there were 3 woodpeckers on the house and three holes in the cedar siding.  He was wearing tools (I am a carpenter) and I reached for his tape measure.  He threw it, and said he did not want anyone to bother the woodpeckers.  I went and got the tape measure and poked it at one of them to try to get him to fly away.  It dove at me as if to attack me and then I woke up.
It is perhaps of note that I own a rental property with cedar siding, and we have had problems in the past with woodpeckers.  I am inclined to think that there may be something to address over there physically, but at the same time left the dream with the feeling that there was more to it than that.  My son's friend is only 11 years old and does not work with me in waking life.  I have also felt that he was a kindred spirit to me since the first time I met him, I find I enjoy being around him and we have many of the same interests even though I'm 30 years older than him.  I have never dreamed about him before.

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Re: woodpecker
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2017, 10:04:58 AM »
Mikey – We often use images of other people, and especially children to represent things in ourselves – for instance the early stages, the childhood, of psychic ability. Psychic ability is a form of the dreaming process breaking through into waking life. With that information one can understand that much classed as psychic phenomena and religious experience is an encounter with the dream process. That does not, of course, deny its importance.

Your emerging ability to sense beyond the physical senses tells you to not poke into natures workings. Poking into what might have been a nest, is like someone entering your home and poking at your children. Any creature tries to protect its young and offspring.

But I think your dream hints at a deeper level. It points to an instinctive side of your nature which you feel is intruding on your ego/personalities view – i.e. the pecking at your cedar siding.

Having lived in Mexico and felt and hear woodpeckers disturbing our peace by the noise they make pecking at weatherboards, I can sympathise with you – but I feel the dream is talking about your inner life, not your outer concerns. See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/inner-world/#MakesInner and http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/brain-levels-and-dreams/

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