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Author Topic: dream signs in waking life  (Read 7297 times)


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dream signs in waking life
« on: November 04, 2017, 09:59:35 PM »
Dear Tony,

I hope you are well. I have a question which may sound far-fetched, however I feel makes total sense.

Since it may be argued that waking life is just a dream, to what extent can one make use of the interpretation of dream signs to interpret the meaning of signs in one's waking life? I feel that the barrier between the two is very, very thin. Once I start noticing "signs" in my waking life, well, those are as much a projection of my unconscious/soul (I feel that definitions here are unnecessary) as much as those I may get in dream. Even the seemingly absurdity of the plots followed by signs in waking life may be just as intricate.
Hence my question is, from your life experience, to what extent do you think the same processes can be applied to unearth the thread behind these signs/plot to both waking and dreaming life? Are actual dreams projected from a different dimension?

I have an example. Last week I spent some time in a very big park, which stays open after dusk. In this park there is an artificial lake; the moon was reflecting its silvery glimmer on the surface of the water (I don't know the name for this effect, and thank heavens there isn't because its beauty is unnameable!). I was instantly attracted by this, and felt safer and safer to walk to an edge where the park café was (and which was closed at the time, hence evening, dark, no light, although quite close to lit areas and only me - and in a big park in an urban setting). I just wanted to be alone with the water, the stillness, the moon - it had been already a day of connecting to the earth and the trees in the park. I know this has to do with my femininity and my female energy - I felt I did not want to go away from that spot. I had never been in a place only lit by moonlight and felt bathed by the moon and the stars and completely at peace. It was not even peace - but some sort of ecstasy. For a moment I truly felt I could even die - such was the peaceful ecstasy I felt, that it was more interesting than the daily struggles of humanness. I felt whole and complete and to some extent was also afraid of this, of such letting go. I felt the possibility of this, I felt a very distant glimpse into the peace where my dad now is, and I somehow had to consciously stop this - for I am meant to be here to engage with those "human struggles", and that I am not done with that business. I don't know if what I was feeling was some kind of out of body experience - I truly felt in my body, not away from it.

But this ecstasy truly ended when I realised there was a fox around. I've grown used to foxes in town, however I am quite fearful of animals in general, and whenever I see a fox I'd rather move away or scream at them even though I know they're scared of humans. But this fox did not seem too scared, I could feel she wasn't. So I screamed at her, she seems unfazed and went on and away. Then another came. At that point I was too scared (of my unease I believe, more than the foxes themselves - I wish I were not that scared of them) and aware of their presence lurking somewhere, watching me and being unable to hide from their eyes. So slowly I managed to get away from that corner and felt uneasy about letting my own fear destroy that moment of ecstasy I experienced. I felt so alive (interestingly, since I felt like I could leave my body), and felt guilty of not being able to sustain that moment. 

Of course that was outside of café that was closed, and it was dark and with rubbish around the foxes may be around for that reason. But I know there was more than that. It was one, and then another one - as if I got a second chance at dealing with them. They came around even though there was a human there. and came also quite close (ie. not so scared! Maybe they thought I was not alive?). AND the whole scene was such a strong surrender to the divine feminine in me. I felt their presence was a consequence of this surrender, and my inability to deal with this "higher level" and this connectedness with nature (and hence animals in it) made me feel unable yet to deal with this level.
I went home and read a bit about the meaning of foxes. Without delving deep I found of course a meaning about femininity, but also something about foxes being a sign or a reminder that life is to be lived in the third dimension - which is indeed something I am trying to reconcile with my own path. I am coming out of a few years of delving deep and discovering (more and more) what really is there - and now I feel stronger to re-engage with the physical dimension of life, however I find it hard to reconcile as I mentioned the struggles of being human and living in this time and era and the depth of what I'm finding.

I went on with my days and on November, 1st (a date with a lot of meaning, or energy, if anything that of a new start) I was walking down the street when I bump into a dead fox on the sidewalk. She must have been hit by a car (which means...not such a shrewd fox after all? Since they are known to be animals very skillful at surviving in many environments), and someone must have put them on the side. I got scared, and also felt some connection to that particular fox. I felt sorry for her; that she died like this. That most likely the council workers cleaning up the street may just take her body and throw in the rubbish. I felt the need to caress her head ( although of course I could not do this and I didn't - not a dream-dream!); to give her a goodbye. Also her chin had been pressed probably by a car, and she had a grin which looked somewhat peaceful; one leg had apparently gone, and her lower intestines/stomach was partly visible. Also seeing a dead body reminded me of my dad's dead body once he died earlier this year; upon saying goodbye, I had been caressing his head. as if to tell him that everything was fine, to care for him. In the deepest pain and distress of those days, my mom had been caressing my head, too.

Now, I am absolutely sure this has some meaning, and I do not see how this whole story I've told can be any different from a dream - it is a dream. What am I trying to tell myself? Why was the fox dead? Is it a part of me dying? Or being reborn? Also, my dad's dead propelled my own paths to of course even greater depth - is the dead fox a sign that it is time to "come back" to or integrate what I've learnt/seen/felt into a more "superficial" level (ie., the physical dimension in which we live)? Also, why November 1st? Under certain pagan traditions, this is the start of the year. And, under many aspects, I feel that these few years of big learning is a cycle that is closing, I feel I am at the start of something new.

Of course I see other signs in my days. In the same week I was approached by a white pigeon, whilst I saw signs like a bus with the slogan "you know why you come here", and a lady talking to me and calling me "a godsend". Individually none of these signs has any value, but together they outline the same unconnectedness and apparently nonsensical nature of dreams.

Your thoughts would be so much appreciated! I feel your website is also a "godsend" and I have found so much of my own path in your articles. I thank you and everyone on this forum for reading this story, which is of course very personal and important to me.

I wish you a good weekend

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Re: dream signs in waking life
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2017, 10:08:25 PM »
Also, I think it may be of related meaning the fact that I have not been dreaming lucidly in a while now. And that I recently feel the weight of a lot I need to get off my back - what precisely, I don't know yet, but I am sure    soon I will get rid of whatever is still keeping my back in some way, I can truly feel it and perhaps these signs are related?
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Re: dream signs in waking life
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2017, 10:47:34 AM »
V – I am using a quote, so some of it may not relate to you – “What is reality? What is true?

Well, the answer is that they are all true. But they are different truths because seen through the eyes of a body they are very different than the eyeless view of bodiless existence. The tragedy is that we may be stuck in just one level of experience, whether high or low makes no difference.

But if we are stuck in the pains of our emotions, from the eyes of another level they are the experience of joyful and varied life, and a taste of heaven. The wonder is that we have so much of ourselves that we can explore and express. And there are levels beyond those described – we have so much! How do we remain stuck when Life itself is so varied and yet united?

The simple answer I have arrived at is that we insist in standing in the way of glorious Life. We need to stop trying to control everything and let Life flow through us like a great river. In a way we are often saying, "No, No, No," to our Life by continually smoking tobacco, by drinking alcohol and suppressing yourself in various ways. Maybe we need to control much of the time, but occasionally we should say YES by simply listening and waiting for life to come to us. After all, it wasn’t us who led us through millions of years of evolution; it was the amazing processes of life.” See https://dreamhawk.com/body-and-mind/peoples-experiences-of-lifestream/ to understand what it means to let Life in - http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/dimensions-of-human-experience/ and http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/opening-to-life/

The difficulty for most of us is that we are multi-dimensional beings, and often it is difficult to find the balance within them. So yes, the physical level is important, and is an expression of what is often called the spiritual – except we often fail to see it is all a fantastic part of every level, but of course it expresses differently.

“I had a deep sense that this represented a profound self acceptance, but also an acceptance of my life situation. I can see this in that I am no longer struggling to climb out of building work or common everyday life. The men I worked with I felt as ordinary everyday life experience, and yet they were pouring the spirit of life on and into me. In other words the acceptance of everyday life opens to a connection with the roots of life within oneself - life that is both common and ordinary, yet profound. At this first part of the dream I also had an image that I was drinking the blood of thousands of human beings. I don’t mean I was drinking lots of blood, but that I was drinking the essence of their lives. This had in it the experience of taking in a huge realm of everyday life. It was the taking in, the acceptance of, a wide range of human experience - everything from deep sexuality to religious realms of the super sensual.”

"Of course I see other signs in my days. In the same week I was approached by a white pigeon, whilst I saw signs like a bus with the slogan "you know why you come here", and a lady talking to me and calling me "a godsend". Individually none of these signs has any value, but together they outline the same unconnectedness and apparently nonsensical nature of dreams." So, why not explore what your intuition and inner response can tell you - it works both on dreams and waking life experience, see  https://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/using-your-intuition-1/ and

We are all trapped in old ideas, habits that may have been applicable at one time, but are now detrimental, such as hurts and responses that linger on, or beliefs. These traps are often depicted by prisons, snares, impassable barriers, ropes, threatening people or animals. Finding your way through them is the great adventure of life. Out of this arises your strength, your waking up to who you are, your emergence into real life and identity. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/lucidity/ and http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetype-of-the-paradigm/

This is such a huge subject I am not sure if the words used are helpful.  :)

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