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Author Topic: Cracked Open Too Soon  (Read 3164 times)


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Cracked Open Too Soon
« on: January 11, 2018, 09:22:39 AM »
I dreamt there was a dragon's egg in the middle of the floor.  In the dream, this was an unusual and exceedingly rare thing.  Yet, here it was, in a building with us.  It should have been in the middle of a mythical forest!  There is a man there who wants to crack open the egg.  I suppose he is impatient and can't resist seeing what is concealed inside.  It is after all, such a rare thing to behold.  No one has ever seen such a mythical creature.  I remember opposing this man's desire to break it open.  He does it anyway.  All he cares about are his own immediate needs and wants.  As he cracks open the egg I had uncharitable thoughts about men in general, especially men like him.  I recall thinking it was "just like a man" to disturb nature, to interfere, to attempt to dominate it, to be impatient and selfish, to think only of his immediate wants and desires and to act upon it without considering the effects on another.  Not that all men are this way, but let's face it, a large portion of them tend to be more aggressive, insensitive, impatient, self-centered, go after what they want without questioning it.  My thoughts were filled with these sentiments about this type of man as I watched him kick and wack the egg.  I believe he eventually wielded an ax to it.  It became damaged with a large devastating crack.  The shell could no longer hold together.  I remember thinking he shouldn't have done that, that he was a fool, that this is typical of men, and that there would be terrible consequences to come from this.  An unborn dragon is a rare and special thing.  It should be treated carefully.  The dragon was not ready to be born yet.  Plus it should never have emerged in this man made environment.  It wasn't right.  Well, as I feared this enormous dragon emerged from the egg, flying off and swooping back.  Creating havoc in a city.  It shouldn't have been forced to learn to fly amongst buildings and skyscrapers.  It didn't have room. It wasn't safe.  It wasn't strong enough to fly properly.  It was dangerous.  For the dragon and the people.  Everyone scattered to take cover as it swooped all over the place, learning to fly, not understanding this man made environment it found itself in.  It was a dangerous situation for people.  Yet, I also kept feeling this was the fault of foolish impatient men who didn't respect another creature or the natural process.  Wouldn't allow nature to develop in its own time in its own way.  The poor thing should have been born in its own time, far from men, free..in open spaces.  Now, as a result of this man's actions, the dragon AND the people's lives were at risk.  It was a dangerous situation that never needed to happen.  Careless, impatient, stupid. "Look what you have brought upon on us,"  I wanted to reprimand this man, but he'd already run for cover at the first backlash attack.  Now it was the city's problem.  Everyone, including myself had to duck for cover to evade injury due to one man's selfish impatience.  I just kept thinking "This never should have happened."  Followed by uncharitable thoughts that this is what men do, this is how they behave, it always goes this way when they are involved.  They act for themselves and muck things up for the environment, for nature, and ultimately for all the rest of us.

Tony Crisp

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Re: Cracked Open Too Soon
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2018, 12:35:09 PM »
Horizen – Unfortunately we have in the Western world all been born into the situation we as a society have created, and are now trying to deal with. But it is not just men who smash eggs. When I was still in junior school I showed a girl my own age some precious eggs. She watched me put them in my jacket pocket and then purposely punched my pocket. It was such a shock to me I have always remembered it.

The question your dream seems to ask is what can we do now that the egg has been viciously cracked open and released its enormous power?

Recently I quote the story of Jesse Watkins, who in a way cracked open the shell most of us live in, and released something he felt threatened by. See http://dreamhawk.com/interesting-people/the-ten-day-voyage/

In dreams the dragon’s egg represent the infinite potential we have, a potential that has its roots in the whole evolutionary process – through dinosaurs to the rudimentary self awareness of modern humans. So it is largely instinctive and wild – that doesn’t mean murderous, for instinctive forces give the mother wolf an enormous love, enough to sucker baby humans. See http://dreamhawk.com/interesting-people/animal-children/

But energy can be destructive as well as creative – as we can see with humans. In ancient times humans worked out ways of dealing with this energy – the sphinx in Egypt show an animal that has pertly transformed in a human – and that was what we still deal with; for we are still largely ruled by instincts to eat, the have sex even when unwilling, to grab everything for themselves, to ride roughshod over the land and people, kill anyone who is different – all instincts that have been let loose out of context to their background. Someone cracked the shell – what a dream you have experienced – and you cannot place yourself or us out of the picture.

Many dreams I deal with appear to me to be about people who are meeting leaving the shell, but there is no pathway in our general culture to help them. Some ideas are given on site in http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/lifes-little-secrets/ and http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/opening-to-life/ but they ask something many people will not give. Any way it is a difficult path which asks a complete transformation – dealing with the crap of our past and the slow evolutionary climb. Many people want a magic wand of becoming beings of light by suppressing or being scared of the darkness. I tried that for about nine years. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/integration-meeting-oneself/ and http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/energy-sex-and-dreams/

Those are just suggestions, but we are as your dream suggests, faced by a world situation which has cracked the egg, and the world will enter a crazy period unless we can tame the dragon.


Stanislav Grof: Yes. Many people, who have these inner experiences, take a larger look and see that we have now enacted in our world a lot of the elements you would encounter internally when you are in a transformation process. For example, you would encounter tremendous unleashing of aggression. You would confront destructive and self-destructive tendencies within yourself if you have an inner experience. There is also a liberation of repressed sexuality. This has been happening for years. Just about every aspect of sexual behaviour has been openly presented in the media. There are all kinds of very unusual sexual experiments such as S&M parlours, sexual slave markets, fist fucking - all these things have sprung up. So the sexual impulse is sort of being released and acted out, and also the aggressive. There is an increase not only in criminality but in terrorism as well, all over the world. Then you have satanic elements emerging from the collective unconscious. The deep levels of the psyche are now being ventilated." 
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