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Author Topic: Week-end, time for good sleep and dreams.  (Read 5220 times)


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Week-end, time for good sleep and dreams.
« on: September 24, 2011, 02:11:45 PM »
I really looked forward for a long morning and time to sleep, just to be able to dream and this I got.

Dream 1. I had the feeling we were outside a house just by the wall of it, sitting close to the ground. There was me and a few children, and this children seemed to be brothers and sisters, They had a baby, sister or brother, sleeping in a ground pit of sand, by the wall of the house. The baby was a bit covered by the sand and the head was almost covered that too. I felt this was not what it should be, but the children around meant this was how the child use to sleep. The sand seemed to partly cover both eyes and mouth, almost to the amount it would bury the child. I almost stretched my arms to grab the child to sweep off the sand, but as the children told me that this was how it was used to be when their sister/brother slept, I felt I perhaps shouldn't do it.

My own interpretation of no1. Hm, I need to check a bit in the dream-dictionary, I'm a bit confused over the content. But in a way, one thing I know about myself is that I often prevent myself to do what I feel to do, because I think it is not what someone else (mostly someone close) expect me to do. And I have no children.

Dream 2. very simple, I remember just a pair of rubberboots in a house hallway, almost empty but the rubberboots.

My own interpret of no 2. I like rubberboots, I have some practical things i need to do before I feel home where I live. I often use rubberboots, for sure, when I do practical things outside,  I think it was something about my "need" to start those small projects I have in front of me.

Dream no 3. me and a guy I can't replace in real life, come with a bus to a simple busstation building. By there is plenty of young people. We will go further soon, by bike out in a landscape of agricultural land and forest land mixed the roads are mostly gravel. But not the one we came from with the bus. I (this is quite usual in my former dreams) walk a bit stressed around in the waiting-room-area of the busstation-building, trying to find what we need for our travel. While this the young people walk around among me. I go out and ahead of me, behind a hill/ (small long hill, like a loudbarrier), there is a typical Swedish red villa with white corners. High up in the sky I see a big big bird, flying in a strange way, I cry out, "look there is an eagle". When focused the eagle we see it it stuck in a kite, where the end of the rope is in the eagles body, and the kite itself hanging down. The kite goes stuck into a mess of powerline, mostly into the one closest to the villa, witch leads into the house. Suddenly a yellow-green smoke comes up from the villa, it coveres the sight so we can't see the eagle, it disappear quick and we see flames from both the chimney and the rooftop of the villa, enough to be a huge emergency.

My own interpretation of no 3. It´ll take some effort, many questions, quite interesting..


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Re: Week-end, time for good sleep and dreams.
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2011, 08:15:44 PM »
I really enjoyed reading your series of dreams.

As you implied, in order for to to feel grounded (baby in the sand) you need to follow your feelings or intuition and do what is right for you even if it means disappointing other people.

I am thinking that rubber boots are usually worn in the rain or mud...and in carrying out what is right from you...you may have to wade through some rain or mud...to accomplish what you need to.  Water...rain...mud...usually relates to feelings for me and getting stuck.

Dream 3...you are succeeding or will succeed at this!  Free to be yourself.