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Author Topic: The inner compass  (Read 941 times)


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The inner compass
« on: July 11, 2018, 03:38:52 PM »
Hi Tony,
Have no't been here for a while.
I had this dream today,I am currently going though a dark patch not sure about the direction my life seems to be going .
The dream.
I am outside it is dark,up in the sky I here the engine of a para glider,I wonder how on earth he can see where he is going or even where his landing field is,
I then realise he has a navigation compass and despite the lack of visual assurity he can rely on this to get him home.
On waking I felt this was referring to my state at the moment,and that despite my lack of visual security I should trust my own inner compass,I felt that the compass being round in shape and split into four was a pretty good symbol for the self.
This is my feeble attempt at interpretation,
I look forward to any feedback.
Rgds mikey

Tony Crisp

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Re: The inner compass
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2018, 09:10:46 AM »
Mikey – I do not know how good you are at ‘being’ the dream image, because you certainly have got the idea of what the dream means, but I get the feeling that you lack the certainty the dream offers you if you became the compass.

The compass, what an amazing image your dream creator chose, it is an image stamped into our collective memory for centuries as humans struggled against enormous odds to find their way across unknown areas. So it sounds like you too are struggling to find your way across the huge unknown we all face.

But I feel there might be a slight Native American influence in your compass also. They call it the Sacred Circle.

In the circle
Beginning and End
Are forever together.
The beginning is an end,
And the end a beginning.
Everywhere is darkness and cold.
Everywhere is light and joy.
That is life as we
Walk the Sacred Circle.
And the circle we walk,
The Black Road,
The Rough Track of Trials,
Joins the Path of White,
As Winter joins Spring.
And that Is the Circle —
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter,
Birth, youth, maturity, death.
Sunrise, sunset, sunrise.
World upon world
Dancing the Sacred Circle,
And we dance
Life to Death,
Death to Life
In the Great Circle –
All spinning
From the emptiness
Of the Centre.

But here is another one that maybe fits your present condtion – I hope.

The Book of Life

It is so frustrating,
To only ever see the part,
The piece, the moment.
I so long to see the whole,
Not just this moment,
Today, here, now.
I am a pen in the
Hand of Life.
I look to see
The scrawl I am making,
And find a senseless mark,
A shape I do not understand.
But as the line goes on
I look and see
A word appearing.
And standing further back,
I see the word within a sentence;
The sentence in a paragraph.
And then, a wonder.
The paragraph is a statement
In a chapter.
And the chapter takes its place
In my Book of Life.


- anna -

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Re: The inner compass
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2018, 06:52:12 AM »
Hi Mikey  :)

I would like to add that what I see is that your dream suggests that in order to move through this period of "not knowing" with more trust, it is helpful to step back and move into the observer mode first.

I understand from your dream that your observer does not see the paraglider in the sky.

With that in mind I trust that despite the lack of visual security your inner hearing in the observer mode - "I hear the engine of a para glider" - and your inner knowing - "I then realise he has a navigation compass" - will help you through the dark patch.

Anna  :)
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