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Author Topic: Ages ago?  (Read 140 times)


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Ages ago?
« on: March 17, 2019, 11:20:40 AM »
Hi Tony (and others feel welcome as well).

Yesterday i had the following dream, as well as 3 others but this one makes me very curious. The 'picture' seems simple, but how much is really in it?

In the dream i'm sitting at a table with 4 other women. At first we're just talking about nothing but then we start remembering. First the woman next to me and i start talking about remembering each other. I say her name and tell her we were in the same class for one year; she remembers it too. Then i talk to the woman sitting at her right. I ask her what she does in every day life. She starts talking but i don't hear all she's saying. In order to hear better, it is then like my face is above the table just in front of hers. She tells she cuts chalk. I hear her now, but don't understand it. What is cutting chalk, what does it mean? I say that i don't believe that she literally cuts chalk in half. She then tries to explain. While she explains i see a metal plate and then a metal thing with plants starts moving unto the metal plate. Then another metal thing starts moving unto the plate. I then understand that she does this with magnets behind the metal plate. But still her profession is not really clear. I try to understand and ask her if she maybe organizes events. She doesn't say much. Then i think i know what she does and ask her if the chalk cutting means that she has to take important decisions. But still i get no clear answer.

Then I talk to the woman sitting at my left side. Beside her is another woman, but she keeps quiet. This woman on my left side then tells that long ago she played in a movie. I see a piece of the movie. In this piece she is in bikini walking into the sea. She is looking beautiful. The movie is about a large wind organ. While she's telling about her life i then am suddenly on a strange kind of boat on a water, which feels like the sea she just walked into. The strange looking boat is made of 4 pieces of wood that are bound together at the top just like a tent/tepee, only without the fabric. I am standing on one of them and on each piece of wood someone is standing. We're making certain movements which make the strange boat move over the water. We're heading somewhere....to the wind organ mountain. We're getting closer to the mountain and when i look up i see huge organ pipes against the mountain...really huge. It feels magical, mysterious. Then the boy on my right sight screams: "A stingray!!" I look in the water and see something. At first i think he's right, but then i see it is a body in foetal position lying in a canoe. The dream stops...

I have been thinking and searching google already...Did some funny finds: cutting chalk leads to a town in Idaho (Chalk Cut), but also to cutting chalk. Cutting chalk is what people did in (if i remember well) England (?). Land was being cut away till the chalk layer showed and they cut figures in the landscape this way.

The wind organ mountain. In New Mexico there are the Organ Mountains. (in these mountains there's even a place that has my initials...funny). Further digging brought me to organ pipes on mountains...formed during the ages...they are made of granite.

Chalk period...Granite period...millions of years ago.

I think the 'movie'...is about earlier life(s)...

The class i was in with that woman...we call it (translated)...bridge-class...is this about a transition?

Have a nice Sunday!

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Re: Ages ago?
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2019, 11:10:07 AM »
Sunflower – I am slowing up thus the wait.

But first you have the wrong idea about finding dream meaning by searching Google for chalk and Organ.

Here is how it can work - As an example I was recently asked by a man who had given no thought to dreams and was helping to create my new site design, how on earth you could extract any meaning from them. He was wearing a fairly old T-shirt, so I said, “OK, let’s imagine you dreamt of your T-shirt, what would you make of that?”

After a while he said, “I don’t know that I would make anything of it.”

My response was to say, “Right, but now tell me where you bought the T-shirt, and what memories it has for you.” Whereupon he told me very full memories of being abroad, and that the shirt was part of those memories, but he wasn’t prepared to say what the memories were as they were so personal.

The important point is that everything we see and deal with, every person, every imagined scene, has such a background of feelings and perhaps memories. It is exactly this background of feelings and information that the dream weaves its story from. To understand it you need to become aware of the usually unconscious feeling responses you have in connection with every thing, place, person and animal you fill your dreams with. You can find help by looking at https://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/practical-techniques-for-understanding-your-dreams/#BeingP

Starting at the end of your dream, a part of you is either not born yet or has retreated to the womb condition in the foetal body. This condition is not unusual, because the times and culture we are born in, and our experience of childhood often causes us to repress part of yourself that would otherwise have expressed.

Example: There is a part of this man which he has never actually involved in his present life. It has never been expressed. It has never been incarnated. It is almost as if it was not born with him. It has never expressed through the body. It hasn’t made itself real through the body. So it is almost as if it has been a spiritual twin, a ghost, a spirit guide. It is influencing his life – God, what a story – and yet is so frustrated. Frustrated all the time because it can’t live its life. It is pushing and pushing this person toward what it wants to do, yet it is not felt as wholly Him. It is not something he had built into his life and trusts, and so he does not live it in the same way as he lives the other areas of his life.

So it is worthwhile actually BEING the foetus rather than thinking about it. The sea is the huge being you are beyond your personality. As an example, a single cell, which is a seed from which all life forms evolved from, doesn’t become old or die because it is immortal, for it keeps dividing and doesn’t die. In dividing it constantly creates copies of itself, but as it does so it gathers new experience, it changes what is copied, so becomes the ‘seed’ for multi-cellular organism. We all started from the original one cell, and we, you and I, are the result of gathered experience.

No plant or creature grows from a dead seed, and each living seed carries within it all the past gathered from all its forebears. So, the seed in your mother’s womb is as old as and even older than human kind, and you carry that wisdom or memories in you. But in this life you developed a new brain, and the memories, education and programming you gathered this time are what you built your personality from, but beneath that is a very ancient self. So that is the sea you were floating on in your dream state.

The massive wind organ against a mountain is another sign of the hugeness you are beyond your personality. Musical instruments, or music in your dream, are a way you begin to become aware of subtle or creative impulses that are emerging. Just as a plant takes shape and colour from a tiny seed, so also your personal growth emerges from obscure and formless possibilities within you. Music is the expression of that flow to life.  Our whole being is an example of a wonderful orchestra, with all the different organs and processes working in harmony when we are healthy. In reality you are a musical instrument played by Life. Life plays us with such skill unless we interfere with its controlling hand playing our notes – the rhythm of our breathing and heartbeat which plays us even when we are asleep. But even though we are an amazing musical instrument, many of us have our notes, our keys, so stuck we cannot be played to our full potential. We are so stuck we are afraid to let the full range of our emotions play, or we are so fixed in just playing one or two notes of our wonderful range, we just play our sexual or digestive organs, or are fixed in just ambition or even playing passive pieces. Yet Life lives in the lightening, the sunshine, the earthquakes and the depth and mystery of the sea, and if we are fluid we have them all as part of our extraordinary range.

The chalk cutting you must find out for yourself, but it suggests again a return to a very deep part of you that is beyond your present memories, and so bringing to awareness primeval level of yourself.