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Author Topic: Shopkeeper  (Read 4739 times)


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« on: March 21, 2019, 09:31:38 AM »
An awful nightmare. I will preface this by saying I never watch horror movies and this is not a scene I've ever seen in a movie or heard about. I'm in a small corner shop with someone. The shopkeeper is behind the counter. He's tall, dark hair and beard. Suddenly I get a vision of what lies behind the shop walls. Women are hung upside down as if butchered, but they are all alive and have been carefully brought close to death, but kept alive. Many are mutilated and some have their eyes sewn shut, some their mouths. In my vision I'm standing next to them, their skin is almost blue, the light is dim. It's the most horrific scene I've ever seen. The agony, the pointless cruelty, the damage, their fate..it's beyond comprehension.

The shopkeeper is trying to delay us leaving, I immediately act on what I've seen and call 911 which really annoys him, but he doesn't know I know what he's doing. I'm purely ringing to get them to save me and my friend at this point. If we're dead, there's no hope for anyone.  He keeps interfering prevents me calling, but also leans back and enjoys the helplessness he sees playing out before him,  no matter what I do I can't dial the number correctly, I try multiple phones. I'm deeply scared for both my friend and myself. I run onto the street to try find a passerby but it's raining. Im standing on the pavement in the rain on my own, I lean down and seem to have  new white converse trainers I take tissue paper out of them and put them on, I run to a local pub but someone is using the phone.  I run around frantically looking for another one. I hear the word 'island' I don't know what it's referring to. It makes me think of 'no man is an island'. I think well that's a pointless phrase - because you're an island whether you like it or not, when no one will help you, even when you beg, and that's a very common situation. On leaving the pub I think I meet my favourite singer, that I've met in some previous nice dreams. Here though the dream ends. He's shaking off the rain I'm running out to try find help, I don't recognise him. Nor he me.

 I wake. I felt so so sick by the images I'd seen, even some time after waking I was still very nauseous, I had to throw out my breakfast.
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Re: Shopkeeper
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2019, 11:28:39 AM »
Omega – So now you have broken through to the real issues that have faced you for so long.

You don’t need to have seen horror films to dream such a dream, because many of us have the worse horror within us. Events in your childhood or youth have led you to have felt butchered and prevented from saying what you felt was happening. Obviously the imagery is very graphic because your real feelings have hardly been expressed – but now as you begin to open to what is really in you, you can begin to feel the depth of emotion that you have trapped inside you – even as you wake.

Here is part of my own horror that I met but couldn’t face at the time - Quite soon afterwards, still dreaming, the sound of a door creaking open made me sit up. Then from behind me two black men who looked as if they had risen out of a grave with flesh peeling off them approached me. I quickly made the sign of the cross and said some sort of holy words and the figures disappeared. I lay back again thinking it was a good thing I knew how to get rid of them. But as soon as I settled to sleep again the door creaked open and the two figures appeared once more. This time all my hand waving and holy words had no effect on their advance, and their hands closed around my throat and I woke screaming in terror. My wife, feeling my fear, got up and we switched on all the lights.

Omega, what we have already worked on over the years has opened the door for you to face and deal with – slowly – the shit inside you. See https://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/public-toilet-no-1/ and again https://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/opening-to-life/