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Author Topic: In touch with my bigger picture  (Read 563 times)

Tony Crisp

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In touch with my bigger picture
« on: April 03, 2019, 09:40:58 AM »
Hi Tony,
I wanted to give you an overview of the work we have done over the last year, as you are aware I have visited you more than a few times and we work on our dreams when we meet, that I am really grateful for, both my dreams and you sharing your ones also.

It keeps me in touch with my bigger picture. The ball of potential, the pond of souls, one of the latest ones was the well trodden ancient path the river of life and the eternal flame.

For me I can see that my dreams have been bringing to awareness my connection to knowingly that "I AM Life," that the personality I have is the story that I have been following, but it is not who I am , in fact I feel that the personal "I" seems to have gone, yet life is still here. Well that's today ha ha.

The information that has surfaced regarding that "I don't have to do anything" exists I just seem to notice life more than a "me", the cracking of the shell of the man in the last dream, the issness tentacles are still reaching out, and the energy of the potential lives within and is reaching out.

Running these workshops with Anna has shown me my confident side, that I know this work, I know how to offer a SAFE way of exploring the inner worlds. Because from you I have learnt to trust the process. As one of the group said, “You are like our midwives."

And I am now confident with my creativity, and I'm sure people pick that up, which supports their creativity. It has been a weave of all that I have learnt, but more than that what I have practiced and applied to my life. Why has it taken me so long to recognise my uniqueness?

But it's like I have not noticed that I have been living it. What I realise is how in a way I have walked a path different than many but not that I am alone. I know that there is a growing awareness in our world, and that it is very exciting. What I also realise is that having the childhood I had left me feeling I had to find answers, and I was very emotionally needy, which has been such a drive that there was no space for me to even imagine that I had choices, that I might be able to "do something or become something" - just more of a feeling that I had to cope with whatever life dishes out. I also carried that belief into my relationships, till I started to take myself emotionally away from my husband, but sadly he did not notice.

But looking at life the way I do now, it's not like I own anything even the thoughts that go through my mind. So I surrender and live in awe.  Knowing its Life that’s living me. Knowing you have kept me sane, and willingness to continue to explore, not to switch off. I still thank life that it chose to bring you into my life; I have met many people on my path, but none like you.

Brenda B.