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Author Topic: ShapeShifter  (Read 774 times)


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« on: June 06, 2019, 06:12:25 AM »
I had this dream last night where I could shift into all kind of animals, but most of the time I would turn into a dragon and "conquer" the sky. It was such a blissful feeling of freedom, flying high, over forests and mountains. At some point I realised it would be a problem if society found out I could do that and I refugeed myself in a shack into the woods, together with 2 father/friend figures. They were calm, spiritual beings sheltering me until I could completely control my shape shifting. I was somehow preparing myself for a fight with another dragon who felt like being someone I know, close to me. I had a target as training practice: to shift into a feline, a monkey and an eagle and to discover the huge forest that was sheltering me and create a map.

When I tried to turn into an eagle, I realize I couldn’t fly high anymore; something was pulling me down to earth. I desperately tried to flap my wings but the gravity felt stronger with each try. Then I tried to turn into a dragon again (knowing a dragon was very muscular and strong and capable of defeating many obstacles) but my shapeshifting power was there no more. It felt like I lost something very important, but I gained something else. I could jump to heights up to 15m as a human and not get hurt. It felt like I passed some kind of doorstep with that loss/gain thing. After that the dream changed into childhood memories and I woke up with a strong desire to drink a cola   so I did. But what came after that was the same sensation of freedom I had at the start of the dream.
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Re: ShapeShifter
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2019, 11:03:38 AM »
Yoma – You lost you way in dreaming. In dream every shift of attitude, of feeling, of emotion, intention, of love, anger and hate, are incredibly powerful influences. You had it right until you decided to fight another dragon – which is yourself.

All the images, people, animals, places we see in our dreams, are simply your own feelings, fears, hopes and wonder projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind as images. So, to attempt to damage or hurt any dream image is to turn the destructiveness onto you. 

In the dimension of dreams we are in a wider awareness, in this wider awareness you leave the limited view of the three dimensional world most of us are trapped in, and enter a world beyond time and space. Beyond time we are aware of all time, past, present and future – all at once. So we do not look into the future, but are it. Our body life is to learn important lessons by being locked in time, space and our body, with its gender and limitations.

To quote Gary Zukav from his book, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, "Quantum mechanics is the theory. It has explained everything from subatomic particles to transistors to stellar energy. It has never failed. It has no competition.’ The implications of the theorem are enormous. Something can be in two places at once. Apparently distant objects, or people, are intricately linked in an immediate way. There is no separate existence as we previously thought. Our view of the world is not one supported by the facts of physics. Time and space are transcended. David Bohm, an eminent physicist, goes as far as to say that all things in our observable universe are inextricably linked. Nothing has separate existence."

Because at this level or dimension we are all connected, even if it is someone ekes we hope to injure we are still attacking ourselves. This is the realm of the dead which we enter when we dream.

That was why you lost all the power to fly along with your shapeshifting power – learn unconditional love. The dragon is your life force, your enormous potential. It is strange, considering this, that it is deemed more important in school to teach children how to write, how to add and subtract, perhaps to learn the religious beliefs of those around them, rather than how to deal with their own being. Using the analogy of a car to represent yourself, it is like learning the history and make of the car and motor vehicles; learning to calculate how many miles per gallon of fuel the car might do; learning the different types of motor vehicles – but developing no understanding at all of how the accelerator, the clutch, the brake are used to control your speed and direction. Even as adults few of us learn how to handle the vehicle of our body, mind and spirit with any great skill. It is not something that is well understood or practised in western culture.

My grandmother told me, that Life/God has given us the gift of love, and that was a special thing, like a gift of the spirit. She led me to the sense that this gift is like a potential. It isn’t something fully formed. It is a rare thing, and difficult in our world to fully live it, to make it real in the physical world. But this is what the gift is for, to make real, to live and let it shine. She said that although we will have to work at it, it can be done, and that this love can bring us a sort of happiness few have.

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