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Author Topic: Getting in touch with love and life  (Read 11595 times)

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Getting in touch with love and life
« on: September 22, 2011, 02:21:07 PM »
I had an interesting dream send to me - not on the Forum, I get most replies outside the forum. It was from a young  woman who started by saying, "I am a single, nursing student, 23 years old who’s living alone and currently not dating. I am really longing for a baby though."

Then at the end she says,"I am really longing to meet someone and build a family, but I’ve had trouble meeting guys and trusting them so it feels like I’ll end up alone and childless. Should I worry? Thanks!!"

Having at times also been desperate to meet someone, I never found dating sites brought me together with a real match. But something that has worked for me is talking to what I call Life. The first time I did it was when I was desperate for meaningful work. So I sat with my wife and asked for work that didn't take me away from my children; offered me work I could use my skills with; paid me a reasonable wage; and something I could get recognition for.

The very next day I had a telephone call offering me a job as a dream interpreter for a national newspaper. I was stunned.

Since then I have seen that it can only worked from a level of universal  mind. In other words you need to ask something that is not simply a selfish thing  only applicable  to you. Life, I am sure, has a form of consciousness, that expresses at different levels according to the complexity of the body it expresses through. Also it responds to questions we ask. It IS responsive.

I cannot  take space to explain it at length. But that young woman is obviously desperate to have a baby - and that isn't a selfish thing. Life itself is behind such a longing. So I suggested that she can you put her hand on her chest and feel her heart beating. That beat is Life, and it created her and has given her a longing for a partner and a baby. That action pumping her heart is universal; it is everywhere, in everyone.

I suggested that if she can get a feeling of that, that life is universal, and speak to Life and ask. Also to realise her own beauty – and I am not talking about film star stuff but the ordinary loveliness of a young woman with a treasure to offer, the treasure of the many life times that have given her a unique DNA and a unique love – and say to Life – “Here I am, you know me and you know how much I  want to be a mother and with a partner. Help me find the right person.”

That is a healing using her imagination, and a great way to ask something of Life. Also  if any of you can join in with her and ask for her, the more who ask the more powerful it gets.

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Re: Getting in touch with love and life
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2011, 04:34:58 PM »
Tony, Thank you for sharing the dream of this one young woman. Surely it is the dream of many, and more surely the advice you have shared here can be used by everyone who is trying to manifest goodness in their life and in our world. Current culture emphasizes the superficial over the deeper, more subtle (sometimes!), and far more meaningful. It is easy for us to get distracted by the overwhelming barrage of images and marketing pushing us to be shallow and impulsive.

A simple gesture, putting one's hand over one's own beating heat, and connecting with the lineage of Life each of us physically manifests is a daily prayer most of us could easily perform. I think I will begin that daily practice today.