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Author Topic: the blackhole & end of the world  (Read 2792 times)


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the blackhole & end of the world
« on: October 14, 2011, 02:21:25 PM »
Hi Tony,
This dream was one that I thought came under the heading of important.

 I witness a blackhole open up, everything is starting to get sucked in, houses trees animals, in fact all matter and life, just as a real blackhole in space does. I hear people screaming, as they to are sucked in.

Firstly, peoples hope is being sucked out of them; I hear one person say, "There is no point in fighting it" he then just lets himself fall in.

After watching this for a few moments, I to felt the hope ebbing from me, and I to decide to jump in, thinking that its pointless to resist.

As I am about to do this, an electro static energy appears, surrounds me and stops me from submitting to what would be an act of suicide. I remember thinking if I do get sucked into this blackhole, I along with all  life would be in a state of limbo forever, totally devoid of light and love, just stuck in blackness.

I did not want that, and slowly came to my senses. I know it was the strange powerful energy that surrounded me that brought me out of this negative state, it held onto me, would not let me go.

When I finally came to, the blackhole disappeared as quickly as had come. A female is with me now, and I know I have managed to survive a world disaster of epic proportions, I am one of a few who have survived to start a new life.

Given the current climate of end of the world theories, 2012 and the Mayan thing etc, I did wonder if this had something to do with my dream. I have to mention also, that I do not feel depressed either, which was the first thing I looked at in relation to this dream.

Look forward to your thoughts,
Regds Mikey.
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Re: the blackhole & end of the world
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2011, 11:32:16 AM »
Mikey – This is certainly a big dream, but it can have different meanings depending on your associations with the black hole. It seems to me that you have read about the external black hole but not the internal one. So let me describe a couple of internal ones and what it means to fall into them.

But there was still a current trying to pull me back into the black hugeness, and I began to feel afraid as I felt that if I regressed any more I would cease to exist. Then it came to me that I regressed every day in this way when I went to sleep. I lose any sense of personal existence yet emerge none the worse the next day. But in sleep I regress to whatever lies beneath consciousness without being aware of it. The difference now was in being conscious of what was happening. So I knew the fear was unnecessary as every time we go to sleep we drop back into this condition.
So I let go and fell. I didn't go to sleep though. Instead I fell into an awareness of immensity, of hugeness, and the immensity was full of knowing. Like a raindrop falling back into the ocean, I seemed to merge with that hugeness and yet maintain a sense of my own existence. And between the hugeness and my own sense of being there was communication. I was aware that what held me was the process that had grown me from being a tiny seed in the first place. It is so obvious, but I experienced it like a revelation that I had not created or grown myself. But now this deep part that had caused me to exist and grown me was unfolding me again, like a plant opening. I understood that we each have this force at our centre, and as I watched it working in my body and life, it seemed to communicate with me. I understood from it that if I opened to it each day, if I surrendered to its action, then it would grow me to a fuller life until it realised itself in me. This felt like a holy gift, that the mystery of life would live and know itself in me.

Here is another one:

To my amazement a huge living and wondrous circle appeared on the wall. It was full of movement, everything dancing in time to music. At the very centre of the circle was emptiness, nothing, a void. Yet out of this nothingness all things emerged. There were plants, animals, people, hills, rivers and mountains all coming to birth. They danced out in their own individual movement, yet each unknowingly was part of the whole wonderful and intricate dance which made a great pattern and movement in the body of the circle. All danced to the periphery and there turned and moved, still in their ballet, back to the centre. At that centre they plunged into its oblivion again. But at that very moment new life sprang from it to dance once more.

This experience has stayed with me over the years and continually enlightens me about the essence of life. We emerge from something that is beyond any form, yet is potentially everything. We dance our life, and without knowing it are part of the whole movement of creation, of life and death. Then we move back to our source, lose ourselves in it, only to be brought forth again in a new and unique form.

As said in the first example we all fall into that internal black hole every time we go into dreamless sleep. But some people go there lucidly and know it as their core self. We are all the time in the midst of such opposites – the blackness many people fear and the waking life they struggle to maintain. I also had a dream where I was standing looking at a massive hole which I knew was bottomless. As I was feeling fear of it a friend, smiling at me, walked into that hole and disappeared. So when awake I stepped into that dream hole and fell – but there was no bottom to smash into, so I was floating in space and could regain my normal awareness any time I wished.

So I would suggest falling in the black hole to see what it is like. Nothing can hurt you. Obviously it sucks away all hope and love – our human possessive love. It is the opposite of our waking life, and the first meeting with it is quite shocking. It takes away all our littleness and it is only as we allow ourselves to grow we can recognise what a wonder it is. So be careful about approaching it too quickly.

Whatever I am, I am NOW. Whatever I can be I can move towards it now. Whatever I wish my life to become I can begin to create it now. I wish not to wait, not to look for that wonder, but to constantly draw on the wonder that I am – now. I am that wonder. I am that possibility. I am the Messiah. I am what has been waited for. I am the sparkling human being that can realise itself and say I AM.

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