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Author Topic: Getting on a waiting bus  (Read 2319 times)


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Getting on a waiting bus
« on: October 15, 2011, 10:16:22 AM »
My dream begins by getting on a bus that is waiting for all the passengers to get on.  I get on it specifically to speak to my sister who is on the bus.  She is sitting on the right side of the back of the bus with her back to the right hand side window.  As I am speaking to her for a few minutes and wishing her well (I cannot remember the content of the discussion) the bus closes the door and starts driving off.  I am calling out to the bus driver to stop but he does not hear me as the bus is so full and I am lost behind so many people in front of me.  I keep calling out to the bus driver to stop.  I start banging on the window with I think my car keys and I think I crack the window a little but nobody notices.  Eventually the driver hears me and stops about a mile ahead.  It is the dead of night when he opens the door and lets me off into the pouring rain.  I am dressed very dark and concerned as I turn around to try and make my way back on the puddle filled road but afraid that traffic might not see me as I start back on the road.  Then suddenly the same bus pulls up and opens the door.  The driver was going in the wrong direction.  He said he was going to Canada and should have been going the other way.  (I am from Ireland).  Anyway, excited that I was getting the lift back I hopped on and I got off again about a mile ahead back where I started.  It ends with me stepping off the bus.  I have never had a dream like this and cannot figure it out, except to say I am a lone parent who has recently decided to try and sell my home and maybe move to a new location from my home town with my children but that carries a lot of unsurity with it.  In my life at the moment I am feeling quite lost.  Can you help

Tony Crisp

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Re: Getting on a waiting bus
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2011, 12:51:10 PM »
Patie - Thank you for telling me your dream. It seems from the images of your dream, perhaps from an influence form your sister that you got on a bus – which is about going along with the direction taken by others. But you soon realise that is not what you want and signal for the driver to stop – the driver represents the motive force behind the general direction. When you decide not to go in that direction, things looked black for you, and lonely. But in fact it isn’t going to last long. Maybe Canada suggests a big move but you do not go along with it in your dream.

So then you are off the bus, meaning that you have given up on going in the direction you see other people taking. If you sit in a state of mind in which you can drop your concerns, and ask yourself in the quiet place what YOU want that you can put your energy behind, what is the answer?