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Author Topic: Walking the Medicine Wheel  (Read 13344 times)


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Walking the Medicine Wheel
« on: October 05, 2011, 02:36:24 PM »
Below is a gist of my own personal prayer as I walk the Medicine Wheel to begin each day. Calling in the directions and working with my guides is a very personal practice, one that I encourage people to explore and develop for themselves. Mine has grown out of the teachings shared with me by my Beloved Teachers and experiences in both the Seen and Unseen worlds.

I ground myself deeply in the core of Mother Earth and pull the energy of the stars up from her fiery core into my chakras before I walk the Wheel.


Walking the Circle


I invite the Spirits of the East to walk with me today. My Butterfly, Wild Boar and my Hawk, in the place of New Beginnings, the Rising Sun, the place of Air and the Winds and the intellectual mind….My Gaian Circle abides here…..


I invite the Spirits of the South and Fire to walk with me today. My Amaukua, my Red Fox and Coyote, and my Gentle Deer. We walk the place of the Noontime Sun, the Place of Unconditional Love and Creativity….My Voyager Circle Abides here….


I invite the Spirits of the West to walk with me today, The Great Bear and my beautiful Blue Whale who swims the deeps, in the Place of Water and the Magical Twilight, the land of Introspection and Hibernation…Irene’s Shaman Circle abides here along with the DreamLodge and the Tanzanite Crystals….


I invite the Spirits of the North to walk with me today, in the place of Earth, with my Partners Horse and Buffalo, as we head towards Midnight, and face the Cold Harsh Winds that teach us to Surrender. I do not walk this path alone… with my Spirits of the North beside me, facing our Challenges and Sacrificing what needs to be let go…My Lakota Tokala Circle abides here…..

I invite the Spirits of Above to walk with me today, with My Friend Skunk sharing the Respect and Kundalini of Spirit to guide me on My Path….

I invite the Spirits of Below to walk with me today, my Jaguar beside me protecting me with Integrity….

And I ask the Spirits of  Within to join me today, My Black Panther holding me steady within the Void, and on the Wings of My Pueo, keeping me always safe within the All that Swirls Within…

And Mother Earth and Father Sun, Grandmother Moon and the Great Star Nations, Creator and All My relations, I ask that you bless me as I rise to greet this day.

Aho, Mitake Oyasin