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Author Topic: Debating with Tony Crisp!  (Read 3800 times)


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Debating with Tony Crisp!
« on: November 29, 2011, 10:55:20 AM »
Had to post this one! But before I get into the dream, I'll briefly explain what had happened before finding myself in the dream.

I woke up with sleep paralysis, feeling like an OBE was about to happen but then...

Instead of flowing out of my body which is what I would hope for, I got a harsh pain in my perineum. This pain is now very familiar - 50% of my OBE's are aborted because of it and have been since 2008. It's not a physical pain because as soon as I break out of sleep paralysis, it disappears. It is a metaphysical pain! It sometimes feels like a broom handle is being forced up inside me, about half a foot in length. Anybody any ideas on what this could be? I've wondered about kundalini and maybe the energy is blocked? I have very tight, knotted hamstrings and poor spine flexibility, particularly in the lower back. I'm hoping coex is going to help me with these issues.

Anyway, so all this had happened and I'd broken free of the sleep paralysis such was the discomfort from the perineum pain. I rolled over and went back to sleep. Then the dream kicked in....

I was in a lovely country house. Lots of light. Large windows. I was sat at a medium sized square table fashioned from dark wood. Across from me sat Tony Crisp and to my right sat somebody else who's identity is hidden from me. They may as well have been invisible. They weren't even there and yet I was aware that somebody else was sat there.

Tony and I were discussing dreams and spirituality.

I was making the point that real, waking life is not all that important and should take second place to our non-physical lives and meditation. I was getting quite animated about this point.

Tony smiled and said something about my perspective being unhelpful and challenged me in some way that I can't quite remember now.

I said emphatically to him that real waking life only seems real because it's such a convincing illusion, at which I grabbed the table, rocking it slightly as if to prove my point.

Tony laughed and said something. I woke up and realised that I had been completely sucked into the illusion of the dream and failed to wake up within it - which is what Tony (or my wiser self?) thought was so funny!
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Tony Crisp

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Re: Debating with Tony Crisp!
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2011, 09:33:16 AM »
Leswan – Where can we start?

That pain is something I felt very severely which has now disappeared completely. I felt it was an energy block and it happened while awake. I think that the word kundalini is a word we do not have in our Western viewpoint; I prefer to call it the psycho-biological energy or Life energy. That is because some people writing about kundalini gives some descriptions that do not fit most people’s experience, and it makes it sound very mysterious. It is the energy that unfolded us from sperm and ovum, and often is felt as a gently but very obvious vibration, starting in the hips and slowly extending.

Some hatha yoga practises help to unblock it -
(a) Stand with feet apart, knees slightly bent, hands on lower thighs.
(b) Breathe right out. Hold the breath out and expand the chest as if breathing in. But do not allow any air to pass into the lungs.
(c This draws abdomen inwards.
(d) If, and only when this can be done easily, draw the abdomen in and out a number of times on each breath.
(e) Please avoid strain.
Aim and Results
(a) To thoroughly massage the internal organs.
(b) To control and direct the nervous energy in the body, controlling or balancing nervous impulses.

Or a simpler one is to get control of the abdominal muscles and roll the stomach area up and down. But as you say, as LifeStream/Coex gets you moving it will do all that is necessary.

That invisible presence is your core self, I am probably a talking replica of it. It is like light that is actually invisible – until it falls on something. Then all the millions of colours that it holds become visible. That is similar with the Life energy. When that Light falls on your body it expresses as you – each of us are unique ‘colours’ and the colours can be increases by letting that Light/Life Energy flow through you.



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Re: Debating with Tony Crisp!
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2011, 10:44:03 AM »
Thanks Tony.

I'm so pleased you understand through first-hand experience about this pain - and also that you no longer experience it.

Thanks for this exercise too - I'll see what happens.

I have difficulty in finding a regular, safe arena for coex, a time where I will not disturb anybody and equally will be free from disturbance and am not making as much progress as I would like. I've almost finished Mind & Movement now and it has reinforced my feelings that our society completely divorces us from what we are as human beings.

Keep well.