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Author Topic: Dreamt about person hanging himself..  (Read 5416 times)


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Dreamt about person hanging himself..
« on: January 19, 2012, 12:19:50 PM »

Last night i saw a very bizarre dream. at first i remember looking at a picture of my granpa and wondering why  he had such a sad look in his eyes. The next thing I saw was that my grandfather (he was in his youth) was in farm house and he was like, it is hard to say, like desperate or sth, he took a chair and hanged himself. it all happened so quickly. and i remember i was able to see what was going on in the room although i was not present physically, and i remember i was like thinking how is this possible that he is doing this, i just couldnt believe.  and i couldnt stop it. it happened so quickly. i wanted to interfere but i couldnt.

and then the next moment, my grandma comes in, she says that kazan  is on fire (kazan is a region in russia that a very close friend of mine has a deep connection. this friend also helped a lot to find my dad). she was really busy and i think she had at least one little child by her arm. then she notices her husband hanged but what is wierd that i didnt feel her reaction or sth. she just looked at it in a second and took him down. she was in a hurry and she was like running away or sth. and i think she left her husband there. it was like she had to pack her things and take her children with her.

as to the background, then my grandfather was murdered when he was young. he was completely innocent but was still forced to spend several years being tortured in prison camps. he was taken away from his family by gunpoint at one night. and the family never saw him again. my grandmother and my father(he was very very little back then) went literally through hell. they were harassed all the time due to what had happened.

and due to what has happened my father developed a very hard character. i ve noticed that it is like he has this ultimate fear back in his mind that eveyrone is trying to take advantage of him. i mean, he has suffered a lot of injustice all his life. and now it is like playing over and over again in his head..

and when i was very little my parents divorced and i havent seen father ever since. i tried to take contact with him again and in the end i received a huge shock. he keeps so much grudge against me and my mom. his reaction was so awful, that even a stranger would not write sth like that.
when  i took contact with him, i was sure im gonna get a good reaction from his part. so i was and i still am completely devastated by his reaction. and i just cant believe it. cause im the only relative he has left and he is really really old. maybe he has only a few years to live. we never know..

But why am i seeing grandfather hanging himself? i mean, more logical would have been to see father dying. because our relations have gone so sour.  i really try to understand father but i still see that im unable to cope with the whole thing.

and why am i seeing my grandfather hanging himself when i have always known that he was murdered? he did not take his own life.. as far as i know..

The dream poses a lot of question.

I would really really appreciate if you could share your point of view on the issue.

Thank you so much!
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Re: Dreamt about person hanging himself..
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2012, 10:19:36 AM »
Tania – I have to report what I see involved in the dream and all the background material, which is very useful - thank you.

I feel that your grandfather’s death has left a terrible mark in the life of your family. It happened at a time of awful persecution. It left so many feelings that were never dealt with well. For instance I see your father is totally wounded by the question, “Why did this happen to me”?

So it wasn’t simply the death of your grandfather that has rippled on through the lives of your family, it was also the awful aftermath of it.

Your dream shows you the suicide of your grandfather, and the consequences for his wife. And that is how your dream self shows it, like a terrible act that has left a mark on all that follows. Not that he committed suicide, but that was how his son and others saw it. It was like his actions were such that it was almost like committing suicide in the atmosphere of the day; because by his way of life and thoughts he had committed his wife and child to a tortuous future.

Your father is tortured by those feelings, and needs your loving thoughts to help him rise out of it before his death.