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Author Topic: Dream about Eagle and flying Horse  (Read 9221 times)

Dream about Eagle and flying Horse
« on: February 04, 2012, 12:15:22 PM »
I woke up from a very vivid dream this morning, which is unusual for me because I don’t usually remember my dreams and if I do they’re very mundane.

I was in a house with my husband and we were showing some friends around who were thinking of buying it from us (it wasn’t our current house and we are not currently thinking of selling).  My husband and I went outside into the garden and looked up to see a boy with eagles wings flying in the sky and then a real eagle joined him and they were flying around in the sky, it was a fantastic sight.  Then I saw a beautiful white horse flying in the sky shimmering with blue and purple circling around the house.  The horse landed in our garden and galloped around while I tried to take a photo with my phone.  It came to a halt and let me stroke it and I called to my 4 year old daughter to come and see it too.  It was magical and I woke up feeling really touched that this magnificent animal had come to visit me in a dream.  I can’t help feeling that this is really significant to me and I’m not sure how I should act on it.  Any help would be much appreciated.


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Re: Dream about Eagle and flying Horse
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2012, 07:06:40 AM »
 Lord Buddha's mother had wonderful shining dreams of a flying elephant before she became pregnant with him. I think you are going to have a wonderful baby boy or someone else in family maybe. it could be the future of your daughter too, anyway, if it made you feel good, its certainly divine.

Re: Dream about Eagle and flying Horse
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2012, 12:40:17 PM »
Thanks for your response Deepa.  I'm hoping it's not about pregnancy as I already have 5 children and was really ill after my last.  I'm getting a bit old to be having more children, but who knows!  I'm hoping it's maybe signifying new beginnings in a difference sense as we are currently discussing a new business venture.  Either way, it was a lovely dream and whatever it represents I'm sure it will be good :)

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Re: Dream about Eagle and flying Horse
« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2012, 02:00:52 PM »
Nikki – I used to think six children were what we wanted until it reached three and we both felt that was enough. But then I had a dream of an invisible spirit – quite scary – telling us not to be frightened, he only wanted us to form a body for him. Again scary because of the cost and hard work involved, but we went ahead. Then we had one more making our family five.

But I cannot see any mention of another child in your dream. Rather it is an inspirational dream. What came to earth was a wonderful Pegasus.

Such dreams are difficult to understand unless you have explored dreams. It is, as you say, magical, the sort of magic that can touch your heart so deeply that your eyes open to a new way of seeing things, and therefore of doing things. Such changes can be quite subtle, and yet can change your life. So it is like door that you had never seen before in your house suddenly opening and there is a totally new place to explore. Also the winged horse can transform you – in mind – to new worlds.

If you have a mind to do it, imagine yourself as the winged horse and see what feelings arise. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/


Re: Dream about Eagle and flying Horse
« Reply #4 on: February 06, 2012, 11:32:29 PM »
Thank you for finding the time to reply Tony, I appreciate that this website must take up an enormous amount of your time.  I'm pleased you don't see reference to a child in the dream.  I have been blessed with five beautiful children and would probably have gone on to have more, but the last pregnancy took Uta's toll on my body and I really don't think I'm capable of sustaining another pregnancy. 

I was interested to read of your dream of an Invisible Spirit – Uta's an interesting concept that perhaps the spirits of our unborn children can communicate with us before their birth.  The only personal experience I can liken to this was a feeling I had when I was between six and eight weeks pregnant with my first child.  I was driving in my car to work and had this inexplicable, overwhelming sense of serenity come over me which radiated from my womb.  It felt to me as though the spirit of my unborn child was either entering my body or making itself known.  Uta's the only time that has ever happened to me.  I've often hoped it would happen during my other pregnancies, but sadly if it did, I wasn't aware of it.  My husband has had a couple of dreams in the past of our unborn children.  Just a week after we first met, he had a dream of us walking together with a little golden haired boy (our first born was a blond haired boy) – I suppose this was more like a premonition or perhaps just a message from his inner self that he had found the one.  He also had a dream some years ago (after the birth of our third son) of sitting with a boy with dark curly hair (like himself) sat at his feet.  All our children have fair, straight hair like me.  He often jokes that we still have one to come, but I suspect Uta's either a grandchild or perhaps represented part of himself. 
Having searched through your on line dictionary I had suspected that the winged horse that visited me was Pegasus.  I find it so strange (in a good way) because Uta's really come out of the blue for me and I feel as though my heart and mind have opened.  Uta's quite an overwhelming feeling, but I'm trying to channel it into focusing on ideas for our new business and it has already changed the way I was initially considering the business and given me a new perspective.  I will certainly try the methods you describe in “Acting on your Dream” and see if that gives me any more insight, thank you for recommending that.

All in all, lots of food for thought, lots of interesting articles for me to read on your website and books to put on my wish list :)