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Author Topic: Boy Turns Into A Fish  (Read 2287 times)


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Boy Turns Into A Fish
« on: February 09, 2012, 05:09:31 PM »
This is an old dream....

I am walking toward the end of a dock on a body of water.  Chasing me is a tall black male figure with a spear and a sword.  In front of me, a young boy...I have my hand on his shoulder.  I feel terrified of what is behind me and am somewhat paralyzed with fear...but shuffle the boy forward.

We reach the end of the dock...no where to go...I lift him up on my left hip...then take him in my two hands and put him in the water.  I let go, stand up and sob with uncontrollable fear.  In the water, the boy turns into a goldfish...a bubble forms around it.  It swims toward a rock or island...upon reaching it, the fish turns back into a boy...he climbs on thr rock and sits...turns to look at me and smiles.  Then he turns into me and I am smiling at my self.

Opposite from the rock, another higher rock comes into view...coming into view on top of the rock is the tall black male figure with the sword and the spear....I feel afraid...the boy sees him and says something.  I do not understand what he is saying...but I know he is speaking Hebrew...the threatening figure retreats.

I had this dream shortly after my son was born..and well, you know some of my history...I thought it would be good to ask.

Tony Crisp

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Re: Boy Turns Into A Fish
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2012, 11:04:45 AM »
Christine – What a dream! It is all about how you handle paralysing fears. You overcome it by your love and care for your inner child/child. This allows you to have a very different view of the fears that threatened you – you are now distant from it, but even so looking back at it you feel fear again. But even that is diminished by realising that you are capable of love.

So remember that you are capable of that even in your fears.