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Author Topic: Hello, what a great site  (Read 12359 times)

Hello, what a great site
« on: February 04, 2012, 12:12:07 PM »
I've just come across this site after hunting for some answer for a dream I had last night.  What a great resource, I shall certainly be visiting here again.  I've always been interested in dream interpretation, but never really read much on it.  Up until now I've very really had any interesting dreams to interpret.  I very rarely remember my dreams and when I do they are usually very mundane.  My husband on the other had often has vivid dreams and I've always felt slightly envious.  I'm such a practical, down to earth person (Capricorn) and my husband's the adventurous, questioning one (Aquarius).

Anyway, I'm a 45 year old English Mother of 5 living in France (since 2004).  I run a Garden Centre and Landscaping business with my husband here in France and we also have some holiday apartments.  I love my life and my family and at present life is good.  It hasn't always been so and we've had a lot of dark times and mountains to climb to get where we are now, and I'm sure there are still plenty out there to come!  If anyone's interested in finding out more I have a blog about living in France and things that flit across my mind in general http://amotherinfrance.blogspot.com.  I'm also writing a couple of books at the moment, one on living as a family in France and the other's entitled 30 Steps to Happiness and Contentment.  I'm also in the process of starting a new business running Horticultural courses with my husband (he's the expert).  I like to keep busy! :)

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Re: Hello, what a great site
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2012, 10:31:01 AM »
Nikki – A Mother in France! What a lovely way to introduce yourself – and you run a garden centre – what else could I wish for. Oh no! You’ve got a dog as well!

And Capricorns are not ‘down to earth’. I have known some and they were wild – I mean known.

The more you explore your dreams the more they open up and become a fount of inspiration.