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Author Topic: Animal dream 2  (Read 4936 times)


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Animal dream 2
« on: February 22, 2012, 09:27:43 AM »
Flying white horse

This one, I had last night. I was standing out one evening on a big grass lawn. Some people, friends and family members were standing quite a distance from me. I suddenly looked up to the sky and I noticed a figure like a big white bird flying in the sky. It looked strange so I keept on looking. The sky was blue and there were clouds all over. It all looked so beautiful. As I kept looking on, the figure got bigger and clearer and to my greatest shock it was a beautiful white horse with wings. It flew around for quite a while. It was such a beautiful and peaceful sight and it took my breathe away. It felt so peaceful and wonderful and I remember thinkig to myself, so Pegasus really exists! When I finally got out of my trance I shouted out to the people who were standing some distance away from me. I told them to look up at the sky and see what I was seeing. When they saw it they all got as excited as I was. When the flying horse finally landed there was another white horse (without wings) grazing on the lawn. It landed next to it and they started mating, the winged horse on top. I just stood there watching and the others tried to get close to take pictures. I screamed at them to stay away but they kept trying to get close. At this point the horse flew away. After that I kept saying "It is real, flying horses exist. People will never believe me but I don't care because I have seen it and I know it is real and true."

Now, just to clear things up I have not watched any movies or read any greek mythology stories lately, so I do not think this is some fantasy from a movie or story. The feeling I felt seeing the horse was so real and so strong. I believe there is a hidden message in my dream. Can someone help me with a possible explanation?

Tony Crisp

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Re: Animal dream 2
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2012, 01:44:48 PM »
Caputin – The flying white horse – what a wonder to see and dream of.

I see the flying horse is a sort of melodrama that leads on to a sense of ripping apart clothes or conventions, a sort of pain that leads to transcendence. It is a felt pain that leads to transcendence. This is represented by the horse taking flight. It is Pegasus, the winged horse. It can take flight from the foot of the hill. It can take flight from the most blatant sexual love and passion. In fact out of that passion, out of that connection and the pain of it, it takes flight.

Or in other language - it symbolises the sexual or instinctive drives that have not been repressed, but allowed, in conjunction with consciousness and reason, to develop the higher possibilities latent in us. Put in plain language this suggests that the sexual drive rises like a wave that carries our conscious desires with it. This energy wave rises, but in fulfilling itself in genital sex the wave falls again, self-awareness with it. However, if the energy is released, and yet not allowed to spill out in the full sexual release, the energy keeps on rising – flying in fact – lifting awareness with it, until it becomes a vast awareness of life and death.

This dream seems to show how being able to meet the power of your animal self you have taken an enormous step forwards, a step you may not yet be aware of. It obviously links with natural sex as shown by the horses mating.

Yes, it is real, but not at a physical level. It is real in your inner world. And dreams do not reflect our outer life like replay, but they do take images from the outer world to express our inner world adventures. So it doesn’t matter whether you saw Greek Myths. The myths are usually all about the inner world we face.