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Author Topic: Shared Dream... Different nights.  (Read 4950 times)


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Shared Dream... Different nights.
« on: February 29, 2012, 03:42:35 AM »
A week or so ago, my friend (whom I consider to be my little sister) had a dream about a safe house. She didn't tell me about the dream in any way. For a couple weeks leading up to this, I had been having dreams of safe houses that weren't exactly safe. The strangest part is that we had remarkably paralleling dreams.

The night she dreamed of safe house, she remembers a maternal figure, but the figure was blurry and shadow-like. In my dream the following night,  she was in the dream as a child. *keep in mind that she and I had not spoken about our dreams at all until after I had my dream the following night* The dream was almost post-apocalyptic, the streets were grimy, the over-tone was dreary like a grayish-greenish color. We were all wearing raggedy clothing, longs sleeves, and it was bitterly cold. She and I were in a store with really high ceilings, almost ware-house like. There was wire (similar to that of chicken-wire) surrounding the cashiers that extended up to the ceiling, and there were large fluorescent lights flickering above.  We were in line to purchase food when suddenly men wearing various animal masked barged in and started shooting people. I covered my little sister and held her tightly as we crouched towards the floor. We crawled, undetected somehow, through the wide aisles and out the door. I remember grabbing her arm trying to hurry her to move quickly throughout the demolished city streets. I picked her up and she cried that she didn't want to go to the safe house. I remember as I walked up that there was a terrace with dead vines on it, and the safe house was red brick that had been chipping for quite some time and was now taken over by the same dead, yet slightly green vines. The windows were no longer clear, and had a bluish-whitish tint to them. I opened the door to the house saw a man sitting in a chair off to the left and immediately felt fear, knowing something was wrong and the house was no longer safe. I looked off to the right, noticed one of the windows covered in newspaper then woke up.

My sister and I were finishing each others sentences basically. She remembers the maternal female figure walking with her the entire time. The woman handed her money to buy something and it was some sort of market, possibly a store.. that part wasn't clear to her. She remembers the woman grabbing her and them running from a shadowy man with a bird's beak. She mentioned the terrace, the vines, the building, the non-transparent windows, the fearful feeling and even the newspaper on the window. She remembers something about the floor mat, which I didn't remember what it looked like at all, but she said it looked like old rags.

what does this mean?

Tony Crisp

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Re: Shared Dream... Different nights.
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2012, 01:29:23 PM »
Pixiestick – The shared part of the dream is easy to explain. Anybody who shares a degree of love with another begins to share their inner world. Mostly we cannot realise this because we are so limited by our physical senses. But when we are in the enlarged world of our dreams or meditations we can realise the connection. It can also mean that this sharing is not a new thing, and you have been connected in other lives. Lots of marriage couples to this a lot, not necessarily in dreams, but  while awake.

The dream itself is more difficult to pin an explanation on. It can be an apocalyptic feature you both fear and so create in your dreams; it can be a situation that you are living in that is dramatised by your dreams; or it can be a future that you sense is ahead of you.

I have seen quite a number of prophetic dreams from people, and usually they show very trying times which then they come through to a good and better situation. But with your dreams it doesn’t have those qualities. So I wonder which if any of the alternative you can relate to.

Also any differences in the images are natural. That is because the eye receives reflected light from an object that is translated into nervous impulses, which is then received by the brain which translates what are formless nerve impulses into what we feel we see. So in dreams we tend to put pictures or images collected from everyday experiences to put an interpretation on our formless dream impressions.