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Author Topic: Dream with guide's message  (Read 5441 times)


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Dream with guide's message
« on: March 12, 2012, 05:01:23 AM »
The dream began in a movie theatre with kids I went to school with. ( I should note too that my "guides" for lack of another word are often beside me in my dreams, and they were seated next to me here as well.  By guides, I mean simply these are recurrent characters I've come to know in my dreams for years.  They each have their own personality and it seems each one comes to me for a specific recurrent issue.  I know one guide shows up for guidance about a certain relationship in my life, another guide for another relationship or potential relationship, etc. This particular guide always shows up in dreams about a particular guy and this dream was no exception.  I call her a  guide because thats the function she/they seem to serve.  They're usually by my side, and whenever they do speak, it is always pertenent to my real life situation.)

Back to the dream...I'm in a movie theatre with my school peers.  A movie is playing but the drama is unfolding in the audience.  The guy in question is throwing objects up at the screen.  Of course, this gets a reaction from the audience.  He throws again, only this time it doesn't hurl quite far enough to reach the screen...instead it lands up in the front of the audience and you can hear excited yelps.  This is just the kind of jocular stunt this guy would have pulled in real life.  He was the typical jock, all about fun (often at someone else's expense) and it's why I would have nothing to do with him in real life.  (He liked me, I would have nothing to do with him).  I recalled him encouraging bullying to escalate due to his jocular cluelessness.  Here I am in the dream, witnessing him back to his old antics.  He gets the audience riled up with mischief.  I don't join in the fun.  Because I know where this "fun" can lead.  Stirring up a crowd in the name of "fun" by young jocks can quickly lead to bullying, mob mentality, and usually ends in harm to one or two unfortunate targets.  I just sit there, not partaking in the "fun" of rambunctious, obnoxiousness.  My arms are crossed.  I'm enduring this environment, tense, waiting until it passes.  The next thing I know he has moved from his seat to the seat right in front of me.  He starts talking to me.  I give him the cold shoulder.  But he keeps talking to me.  Suddenly he grabs my foot and pulls from inside my shoe the very same kind of object he's been using to throw at the movie screen.  He did this playfully and I am so surprised by it I let up a bit and jokingly ask how that got there and is he a magician?  

This leads to a change of scene.  Everyone is now outdoors and we are moving towards the field to play baseball.  As we're all walking toward this destination, this guy is again beside me and talking to me.  I'm back to feeling wary of him.  All I can say is I feel frozen, tense, and it's like I'm just enduring this interaction with him until he moves away.  I brought some papers or paper towels? because I felt the group might need some kind of supplies for this outdoor excursion (I didn't know how long an excursion it would be, but it felt like we would not be going back indoors anytime soon and this was a new departure and a new experience).  He looked at the white object (paper?) in my hands and asked "Where did you get that?"  I'm not open or genuine with him, I just say whatever to satisfy his question and move on.  I dismissively told him a friend gave it to me, although I was aware I had no idea how I got it, it may be that I simply came upon it.  He curtly replies "Nate didn't give you that."  Nate is another guy who'd asked me out and I'd recently been reconsidering, viewing him as a possible option.  For some reason when he said this it seemed significant.  It made me stop in my tracks.  He walked on ahead to the baseball game.  I could tell he was "miffed" at me.
Scene three...I play the game.  I'm in the outfield.  Catching all the balls that fly out there.  But on the third catch the umpire fails to call it right.  He ignores my catch and let's the hitter run all the way home.  There were at least two other players that ran past home base because I was stunned that the empire hadn't heeded my catch.  What's happening? I wondered.  Then I turn to my right and one of my dream "guides" is there.  This is the guide that always shows up whenever the dream is about this particular guy.  And she tells me no one saw my catch because I was out there alone in the outfield.  No one caught me catching it!  

I have a little ah ha moment.  I may be doing good things, but there won't be recognition in the game of life if I'm too far removed.  Or out there alone, as my guide said.  I can't successfully play the game of life from afar.  I need to be closer to people, both good and bad, it's all part of life.  

Right after my guides words, I woke up.
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Re: Dream with guide's message
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2012, 11:16:19 AM »
Horizen – Well, you seem to have got the message. It’s not always an easy one to learn, but it is all as part of becoming whole and also accepting the light and the dark in oneself.

The only things I can add are that you start off in a movie theatre, where life dramas are played and viewed. Also you are with school kids, where things are learnt or avoided – not ABC things but life lessons. And you learnt from what your dreams portray is to be prepared, but to avoid interactions, “Not partaking of the fun”. “Because you know where this ‘fun’ can lead”.

Maybe he is a Trickster type person who is an unpredictable yet wise(?) clown.

To quote from http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetype-of-trickster-clown-and-the-fool/

Trickster delights in all sorts of pranks mischief and jokes. James Lewis, in his book The Dream Encyclopaedia, says that Trickster is not by nature evil, even though the results of his activities are often unpleasant. These activities centre around bringing attention to our own or other peoples often hidden stupidity, shams or lies. He is also the unexpected spontaneous idiot aspect of life which for no reason at all emerges into our carefully arranged life to upset it. Trickster is a shape shifter and so has the possibility of transformation. The undeveloped, idiot side of this symbol may have a type of clear-sightedness due to lacking the complications and contradictions of thinking and intellectual values. It also may be creative in a serendipitous sort of way. Because it doesn’t seriously hold onto a purpose or idea, this side of our nature may lead us to something new, a change of direction. In some dreams the fool is a figure who is sacrificed.

The fool or clown is also about the ability to either laugh at the ridiculousness of life, or to cut through the social shams and reveal our hypocrisy in an acceptable way. This makes the fool or clown wise, because they can see through who we are and what people do. Their talent is to reveal such things to us.