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Author Topic: not the time to have an identity crisis !  (Read 5489 times)


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not the time to have an identity crisis !
« on: March 09, 2012, 01:20:00 PM »
Hi Tony,
I am not sure if I have answered this dream in the title!

I am waiting to take off in a small helicopter, I am number 3 of three, lined up on the runway,
someone official walks along the line, checking the documents of each of the pilots,
he arrives at me.

I have a carrier bag full of documents, papers etc all jumbled up together.
I know the items he wants to see are in there somewhere; rummaging through the bag nervously, I find the documents, namely my passport, I was panicking a bit as I thought I may have lost my documents, but phew! All was ok. We are now just waiting for permission to take off.

I look forward to any thoughts.

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Re: not the time to have an identity crisis !
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2012, 11:58:19 AM »
Mikey – Well I had to do some research to really understand what to say about your dream, and I saw I didn’t have an entry on helicopter in the dictionary, so put one in. It all takes time.

It seemed to me that the helicopter is a very important part of the dream, even though you were worried about having the right documents. Because a helicopter, even a small one – and I take it you were to pilot it – is a remarkable machine. It can be a war machine that can hover and land anywhere. It can rescue people or be an amazing escape vehicle. It can lift you up and allow you to see so much further and clearer than even before. In fact you can get a new and enhanced view of your life, seeing where you came from and even where you want to go.

The number three is about magic, intuition, fecundity, and advantage. It is a sign of great creativity; the sort of creativity that comes from the synthesis of past present and future, mother, father and child.

So I get the feelings that your dream is about a big opportunity to see and experience new things, to have wider view of life and under your own steam. Now all you need is the permission from the official in charge – the wise guide, your higher self – and perhaps you need a bowed head to accept the blessing.



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Re: not the time to have an identity crisis !
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2012, 07:57:06 PM »
thank you for the time you have taken to delve into my dream,
i also felt that this dream refered to an opportunity,albeit one that i am not aware of,
i must thank you for reminding me about the official in the dream ,i failed to see the importance of this aspect,
i had one of those moments while peeling spuds yesterday,i saw the dream as a headline,
"mikey wants to take off,but is he ready",
as the dream seems to suggest  ,no, he is not,
at the very least,i have now been put on alert to some sort of pending possibility,

i remember reading last week,an article from a radical christian area,"the rapture",especially a section called,
"are you rapture ready",i am familiar with the subject, but find it all a bit to much to believe,
i did think originally this latest dream was a review of that ,and my inner thoughts,
i do feel though,,as far as the one who gives permission in the dream goes,
what ever happens , the universe will always have  the first move,
i need only be receptive ,
any outcomes,i will let you know.
rgds mikey