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Author Topic: A soul who wanted be born but could not because of abortion.  (Read 4513 times)

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A soul who wanted be born but could not because of abortion.
« on: March 26, 2012, 01:09:45 PM »

I had a dream that I was in a park and I saw a little girl she was about the age of 3 ish and her name was Julie. Julie was a little angry girl with pigtails. So I held her tight and was mothering this little girl and asked her what’s wrong she didn’t respond. So I made a pinky promise that her secret would be safe with me so she told me she wants to be born. And 3 in half years ago I terminated a pregnancy I don’t know what this means. Lizette

Lizette – To help understand what your dream is about I want to quote a piece in my book Mind and Movement. It is about a woman I worked with who was sent to me by her doctor because she felt depressed.

“The movements – which were part of her therapy – were much stronger this time and her whole body became involved. Her knees drew up and her abdominal area domed. She made very little sound – some people are extremely vocal – but she was intensely absorbed in the movements for nearly an hour before they stopped and she lay peacefully. She then sat up and told me she had experienced something extraordinary. She said that four years earlier she had been divorced and went to live in Spain with her children. While there she had an affair with a Spaniard and became pregnant. Because she already had children and was not wanting to stay with the man, she had an abortion. During her body movements it had seemed to her as if the life in her had said the abortion had hurt it. It then led her through the spontaneous movements to complete the process of birth of that baby, and in that way she now felt whole. The process of birth which had been cut off had been able to complete itself.”

It seems to me the soul still wants to be born. The whole thing shows how sex should not be done without care. It is an enormous thing that involves us in worlds that are usually invisible to us.

I think you should speak to that little unborn girl and ask her is there no other way? Could she find another woman to bear her and give birth to her? Imagine yourself in the dream, while awake and talk to her. Tell her you are sorry you put her in such anger with you, and ask her to help you understand the situation.