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Author Topic: I'm riding with a masterful and crazy hot-rodder at unbelievable speed  (Read 5621 times)


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I'm in a car sitting in the passenger seat; the driver is some guy who is a little older than me.  We are traveling at unbelievable speeds - seems like around 500-600 miles an hour.  Everything outside is just a continuous blur of light.  This driver is truly a mad hot-rodder, but he is totally in control.

I am completely at ease.  We rocket along and come to a rise in the road with a long curve to the right.  At some point in the curve near the top of the rise there is a woman standing on the right side of the road.  The driver slows down a little, then speeds up again and passes her.
We approach a town.  There are some other drivers who are hanging out at one point on the main street - when they see this crazy driver approaching they all quickly move out of the way almost as if they are familiar with him and know that they need to get out of his way quickly whenever he arrives.

The driver throws the car into a long and masterful broadside and brings it to a dramatic stop right where the other drivers were gathered.  I have the feeling that this truly amazing and "otherworldly" driver has done this many times before.

I know this dream seems kind of dramatic.  I just can't figure out what that woman is doing standing at the top of the rise, and why the driver slows down and then passes her by, almost as if there is an acknowledgment of her but not a communication .  . .  Also, I do not have a clear image of the who the crazed driver is, but I feel as if I know him.  The incredible rate of speed is also interesting - why so pronounced? 

Any comments would be appreciated!

Thank you

Tony Crisp

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InfiniteVision – From air speed to land speed. I feel this was a dream in which you were exploring what you could do. I think the woman by the road was an observing part of you standing outside the action – we are after all, all the participants in the dream.

The speed is another step toward realising what you are capable of. It reminds me very much of the experience I had many years ago in regard to Faser Dan Li, a character in a dream I had.

What happened was that I had been exploring why my intuition wasn’t better than it was. I particularly wondered why I didn’t develop greater insight into the people I was working with and trying to help. My intuition at that time was wonderfully acute, so part of the question was why couldn’t I begin to have a deeper and fuller insight into people. I experienced a dream, and in it I met a man who seemed to be something of an adept or master; a sort of Caucasian white guru type. At first I understood his name to be Faser Dan Li. Then gradually it became Father Li. This I understood to represent fatherly and the name of Faser Dan Li to mean faster than light. Anyway, this guru figure took me into very large greenhouses. Stretching away into the distance tiny seedlings were growing, most of them about four inches in height. As I watched some youths drove in on cross-country motorbikes and roared around the place. Faser Dan Li did nothing to prevent them. But when they had gone he looked at me and said, “Those are your emotions. They are wild and out of control. As such they could damage the tender growth of souls represented here by these little plants. Until your emotions are much more fully calmed and under control you cannot be given the keys of insight into other peoples being.”

So I suppose we are all learning how to operate our powerful vehicles. Also the driver and Faser Dan Li were our own potential.