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Author Topic: Conflicting symbolism/Confusing Dream  (Read 3826 times)


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Conflicting symbolism/Confusing Dream
« on: August 03, 2012, 07:06:19 AM »
I've read many different interpretations for the symbolism in a dream I had the other night and it's gotten confusing because some pretty universal symbolism interpretations I've found that are in it seem to conflict.  Maybe someone here can help me out.

In the dream I'm walking inside a building down a hallway.  I don't remember many details about it other than it seems that at the time the part of the dream happens that I remember the most, I'm in a long hallway with undecorated white or off white walls but it's somewhat dimly lit and it seems that there is a large room at the end of the hall, like an auditorium or something and it's very dark but I get the feeling there's a large crowd in it.  I seem to remember seeing people's backs to me off in the distance where the hall ends going into the large room like  you would see if you were looking into a dark theatre where people are sitting watching a movie.  I also seem to remember hearing the murmuring of many voices speaking quietly coming from it like you might hear coming from a crowd before a play starts.   

However, the part of the dream that keeps nagging at me as being the most important is that as I'm walking down this hallway, I'm holding in my right hand a small white snake.  It's a VERY small snake...I can hold it right behind its head between my thumb and index finger and it's only maybe 6-8 inches long.  As I'm holding it behind it's head with it facing away from me,  I'm not frightened but I do feel nervous and I know that if anything causes me to decrease the pressure I'm using to hold its head the way I am, it will bite me.  However, as I'm holding it, it seems calm and isn't trying to bite me.  However, there's something about the snake feels special...of course the fact that it's completely white....but something else I can't put my finger on.  Even though I know that if I don't hold it correctly it will bite me, I don't feel like this snake is "bad" or "evil".   The other strange thing is that I'm holding this snake in the way I am holding its head between my thumb and index finger with my palm up.   

As I continue down the hallway holding this little white snake something is put into the palm of my right hand, the hand I'm holding the snake in.  It's put into my palm on it's back.  It looks like a little hedgehog or something similar but it's grotesque and it starts writhing in my hand.  Of course this causes me to release pressure on my hold on the little white snake and the little white snake turns its head and bites me right on the end of my index finger of my right hand.  It clamps on with its teeth sunk into my finger.  I bleed a lot, blood running down my finger and dripping on the floor. 

I run towards the end of the hallway towards the auditorium or dark room or whatever it is still holding this writhing grotesque hedgehog type creature in my hand and with the snake clamped onto the end of my finger.  I'm scared and in pain.  I want to throw this hedgehog creature out of my hand but for some reason I can't do it and I want to get the white snake off of my finger but at the same time there's a part of me that doesn't want to hurt it, but even if I wanted to, I know I couldn't shake it off since its fangs are sunk into my finger, locking it onto my finger.  At that point, I woke from the dream.

The interpretations I've read for a white snake are generally positive things but the interpretations I've read for being bitten by a snake are generally negative which is one reason I'm confused.  It also sticks out to me as meaningful that not only was the snake white but that it was so small and also the fact that though I feared being bitten by it, I also knew that the snake was special.  I also don't know what this other thing was that was dropped into my hand that led to the snake biting me in order to look it up. 

Any help anyone could give me interpreting this dream or help in any way related to figuring it out would be appreciated. 


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Re: Conflicting symbolism/Confusing Dream
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2012, 03:25:33 PM »
AJ 13,

I love your dream!  Thank you for sharing it.

My interpretation is that you see yourself holding some piece of information, wisdom or an ability to do something very positive(white snake).  Offering that to another or others (auditorium) involves some risk.  We can not always aniticipate how others might receive what you have to offer.  Are they open to it...can they hear you and listen without reacting defensively and responding in a prickly manner(hedgehog)..and it coming back to hurt you or your relationship with them or the whole of them.  Or maybe you are the hedgehog...might you react in a prickly manner if the reception in the auditorium is not what you hope?

People have different definitions of love, have their own ways of coming into wisdom and insight...what it feels like and what is helpful to them.

Sometimes I find it helpful to sketch some elements in my dreams.  It would be fun to sketch a hedgehog.


Tony Crisp

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Re: Conflicting symbolism/Confusing Dream
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2012, 05:13:38 PM »
AJ13 – Thanks to Christine for being so helpful, I can only add a couple of things.

You are moving toward a big event, but it may take a while for it to materialise.

What you carry into the dream is important; you carried the sense that the snake will bite if not held firmly. The snake is part of your brain – see http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/brain-levels-and-dreams/#reptilebrain – and it is very powerful influence. What you carry into a dream is what creates the action, so of course you got bitten.

The thing is that you had it all in the ‘palm of your hand’. Sometimes we meet the pain we have created through our attitudes – the hedgehog. I know that sound a bit hard, but I have found it rue over and over. So try being the snake and the hedgehog and see what you make of them - http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#Being Person