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Author Topic: Fear and its existence  (Read 12954 times)


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Fear and its existence
« on: July 26, 2012, 08:26:55 AM »
About 6 years ago I was sick and had a fever. I took some cough syrup and eventually went to bed only to find myself waking up in a land of unknown fear and terror. It would take my mind awhile to control it's self and calm down enough to think straight, but the feeling that i can describe as a wheel of wind, and as this wheel of wind turns the whole entire universe starts to destruct. There is no visual representation this is all a feeling inside of my mind that repeats. It seems the only way to pass this feeling is to co exist with it, and instead of fearing it I started to flow with it. I learned to do this while being awake and conscious one day when I had smoked some cannabis and relaxing when I felt it. It was interesting when this happened because it made me realize that you could achieve the state of mind without coming out of a dream state. My question what is this state of fear? How and why can we control it? What is the purpose?

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Re: Fear and its existence
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2012, 08:56:34 AM »
LukeAndersen – It seems you were slightly delirious. At such times the usual barrier between your conscious self and your unconscious self is broken and so such a flood occurs.

At a time when I myself was delirious I was overwhelmed by a chaos of feelings. Then, some years later when I had learnt to explore my unconscious and emptied our the rubbish and pain and fear we keep stored up undealt with, I again was delirious and saw that I was clear and had no fear or feeling of being overwhelmed.

I also think that sometimes in delirium we are also witnessing the distress of our body in the images and feelings met.

It is difficult to control it until we either clear out the fears and distress, or are aware enough of the inner situation to stand as a witness of it. We are all as young children exposed to fears through images, films and the common attitudes and beliefs we are exposed to. As a child we have immense feelings about things and unless there are met still live inside us. Look at the number of people who have nightmares of being attacked by and animal or demons. They are all fears carried into our dream state by fears we have never met. For instance white Americans dream if being attacked by animals a great number of times; Native Americans do not have such dreams, because their culture does not plant such fears in them. It is largely our culture.