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Author Topic: Lost Dog Dream  (Read 2914 times)


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Lost Dog Dream
« on: October 18, 2010, 03:45:38 AM »
I dreamt I was in the kitchen preparing a meal with some man (not sure who, just a guy I apparently knew on some level as he was at home at the counter preparing the food along with me). Next thing I know there is this little black dog I’ve found. Apparently he was lost and I took him under my care. I didn’t know who he belonged to. I went outside with the dog trying to discover who he belonged to. There is a concert going on over at the neighbor’s lawn and I go over there thinking perhaps the dog belonged to someone from there. The band performing is a boy band that was rather popular when I was a teen. I watch with interest as the dog trots over to the band members, as I wonder which one he will be drawn to. At first I began to think he’d go to one of the lead singers (who I used to have a crush on) but then I see the dog go over to one of the more-in-the-background memebers. I watch as the dog leaps up and nuzzles it’s black jaw’s happily agains the jaw of this band memeber. For some reason I notice the black hair of this guy, his jaw, and the dog’s jaw together and it seems a significant moment of clarity that ah-ha the dog belongs to him, this is right. It's a sign (the jaws/matching hair colors) that it's his dog.  They are made for each other or alike in some significant way. I didn’t feel any particular connection to this guy (nor him for me as far as I could tell). The dog is what I cared for. Note: I tend to see dogs in dreams as symbols of something to care for, nurture, steward, protect, as they’re so dependent on you, man’s best friend, etc, certainly nothing malicious. I wondered what this dream might mean…a lost dog…not knowing his name or it’s owner..trying to find it’s rightful owner (home)..plus I’m not sure how the scene prior of the kitchen/food and the unknown (yet seemingly known) man fits into this dog dream. Their jaws touching at the reunion seemed significant and really stood out to me.


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Re: Lost Dog Dream
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2010, 02:10:14 PM »
Hello Horizon - I have seen this before, but here it is again on the forum.

Your dream has a centre theme of caring. It starts where you are preparing a meal. And you seem at ease with men – not at all hankering after – but easy. 

A little black dog often represents something emerging from your dream-self; a natural feeling that needs your help in finding its owner. Again a caring action, in the middle of a concert, an apparent important occasion. 

I would like to share a dream with you that is about caring. I will quote it in the person’s words. 

 I was standing in my wife’s garden and saw ferret running toward me. It was one I had memories on. It had a history of surviving amidst t great threats. It jumped into my arms and I saw it had a great scar running along one side of its body. It was healed and looked well, and obviously loved me. 

Then I entered into the dream and felt that “It’s a heartbreaking struggle being a ferret. Nobody wants you. If you’re soft and nice it’s OK, but because of your instincts - if you’re a real live human being, that’s different. I’ve got this bloody great gash up my side. God, what it took to survive! It’s ripped me open, right from the shoulder down to the hip. I healed up though, but it’s left this mark on me all the time. It will never go away. I’m marked for the rest of my life. The important thing I’ve learned though, is, what am I going to feel about that?” 

 “Something did that to me - another bloody animal. It’s left me feeling I’ve got to be very cautious. I’ve got to be ready to bite anybody who gets too near. Okay, I’m not harmful. It’s a struggle, that’s what is left me with. 

“Okay ferret, I’m picking you up. I’m really pleased to see you’ve come home. I’m looking at that wound. God! Christ, how did you get that - and survive? And grow fat? Just looking at that wound I can feel it. Such an eager little heart you’ve got. Such an eager little creature trying to live. So full of love - strange. Very loving creatures, ferrets. You’re a very loving creature. It was that love that kept you going. You were so eager to come to me, just like a dog. So full of love. I don’t understand. I can understand something struggling for life. But I don’t understand it coming to me - with love. Why does it love me? I helped it by trying to understand it. That’s right. I helped it (the natural life in me - the struggling, painful, striving, loving life in me) to survive and it loves me. My inner life loves me because I have tried to help and heal its pain and injury. It loves me!” 

Sorry about this long answer, but I feel it so important to realize what the caring relationship with our own animal hurts and feelings can do. It is incredible healing, and our animal in us loves us and supports us. After all, our conscious self rides an ancient beast – our body – that many of us are so cut off from. I can show you dream after dreamt of people who ignore the needs of their animal and see it dying. 

But you are a carer, and that is gift. You can do much with that love. 

And the jaw to jaw – I am living with three dog on the house, and each time there may sure they get their face or jaw close. It is a renewal of bonding. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/brain-levels-and-dreams/#mammalbrain 
Somehow you are making a link with a part of you, you did not recognise – the dark haired male. Obviously this is an educated guess, but your link with animals means that you can easily enter your dreams and find their truth. 



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Re: Lost Dog Dream
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2014, 09:17:08 AM »
thanks for sharing that with us. nice thread.

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