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Author Topic: End of the night journey  (Read 3808 times)


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End of the night journey
« on: October 28, 2012, 03:37:48 AM »
   I had gone to bed with the intent to have as my pre sleep thought this thought from a website called 5 Deep Integral-

[Ponder for a moment that science brings us the information on the patterns left behind after a universal emergent process has done its stuff through a state of endless becoming or complexifying. Wonder then for a moment about what might be going on at the apex of this emergent process - a place known as the 'Open Wave'.]

As I was settling into the back pressure behind such a statement and merging into it, it occurred to me that the undifferentiated area front of such a conceptual wave could also be simultaneously conceptualized and as the two vectors closed towards each other I found myself in a dream. Here it is as I recall it.

I have entered a hospital area with two others, I am forced to be apologetic for the loose behaviour of one of these, the other I am less  aware of.
I find myself laying down in reception dreaming of the above concept, and being awoken from that dream by a dog repeatedly kicking me with his hind leg, twice this occurred, twice I returned to it.
[A determination to return to sleep is present and I think a feeling of being warned off was apparent.]

Up next directly, I found myself (face only) thrust through a vertical wall off water with fairly poor resolution initially but with a fairly quick resolving of the scene into High Def  and what I saw there was a baby in utero with the song by Carly Simon, the 1977 James Bond theme" Nobody Does It Better" .
It quickly became me looking at myself as a baby in HD in an increasingly well lit watery environment with echoey music and a massive beaming smile breaking out on my face as I dreamed this realization. A mini sensation of one's life before one's eyes ensued, stopping with a scene of me as a youngish female getting some advice from a father figure.

This gave way to me leaving this scene and looking back to see a sort of purple tinted area that reminded me of our state governmental precinct and immediately seeing a curator type older female who seemed to project to my hand a purple sealed folder with words" Nobody Does It Better " on the front at which point I say to her" that she has no idea what just happened "to which she says "We know" and then moves away returning with a very large toy gun that she fires into the sky causing me to turn around and wonder what becomes of it .

At this point the scene changes to a sort of small town park whereby the first sensation is seeing a metal structure ball hit the ground to my left with a gladiatorial type male inside on one knee apparently with some sort of landing injury to which I thought "why do people do that sort of thing and I bet he does it again soon."

So this scene is in back now as we move toward a new situation and I am now back with my two from the hospital and it is now that some sort of gun play breaks out whereby my loose friend lets off the first shot out of her handgun putting a hole into a black car nearby. Everyone including myself seems to let off a round with some enjoyment after which I say " Ok we can all say that we had a shootout now, so its done".Hurriedly gathering up the firearms and putting them in the boot of the car with an urgent intent to remove the danger from peoples hands.

I jumped into the car taking off around the corner immediately sensing an unknown unseen passenger ( possibly from the hospital scene} grasping me from behind with black hands and arms to which I calmly comment that "you need to get out here" upon which the very poor braking in the old ford caused me to say " I have got to get better brakes in this thing" .
So the car pulls up with difficulty, the door opens for the exit of the passenger just as a large bus pulls in fast to where I would have been had the brakes not worked.


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Re: End of the night journey
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2012, 05:09:26 PM »
I have just finished my evaluation of this dream only to come back to this point to say that the method that I have used (explained below) is often repetitive and requires a bit of time and effort to read through. While it is trite, it typically allows for understanding of the message of the dream, AND at the same time, shows how the dream was constructed (where it comes from). I am a dream architecture fanatic...will stop there.

Often to occasionally,  dreams review events of our waking life, and in so doing they impart valuable perspective and wisdom from which the dreamer may gain benefit. Although I see you dream as one of this type, it is also possible that it may  simultaneously reflect an internal struggle that you have experienced as a result of living out the waking life situation. Of course, one may have lead to the other, because when we communicate (or in this case, argue our point) we stand the chance of changing how we think or feel which can often trigger internal struggle and discord

Taking a step or two back I find the symbolism quite interesting, especially as you have eloquently presented your dream...

This dream addresses the  universe of your existence (waking life happenings) is the subject matter of the evening, and it is presented to you along with the along with the asides (comments) that bring to the forefront proper application. The difficulty that I am faced with is, how to make a determination, if what you are encountering is indeed a waking life happening that has recently occurred (and is being commented on, OR, if it is an internal struggle that is being brought to consciousness.

Being kicked by the dog- If this was a dog that is not yours in waking life, and it was black would be symbolic of the fact that you are being prodded by the unconscious to engage into a mode of thought of it's choosing. I have seen this in many dreamers who very often control their dreams (lucid dreamers), and the unconscious mind prods as if to say, hey it is time to consider something that I have to say. The dog can also show that a matter of aggression is about to be discussed.  
Either way it appears that you have entered into somewhat of a verbal joust and the dream is a blow by blow account of the matter at hand. The waterfall going though the waterfall only to find clearer vision clearly shows this nocturnal thought being presented to you will allow you to resolve the matter at hand and find clarity in the process.

 Whatever this pertains to (weather it is internal struggle or real life event... I believe that both apply), someone has taken a verbal thrashing and the show at the hospital is a statement in itself, showing that a price was paid for the engagement and you are in a healing process.  As a side note, the architecture of most dreams that feature, a dream within a dream, is significant of the fact that the subject matter being presented for the consideration of the dreamer is being buffered. The buffering process allows the dreamer to sit through (sleep through) the presentation without being emotionally  rousted enough to wake. This ingenious dream construction courtesy of the unconscious mind allows, the dreamer benefit from a fly on the wall, perspective and to gain all that is intended.  

The "Nobody Does It Better" aspect is highly symbolic. It may well be the subject matter of a waking life argument that has incubated this dream OR it may be an egotistic comment of the unconscious mind on it's expert handling of the matter via your dream...a comment on the in depth and diligent work that it had to carry out in order to bring this dream to you.  Multi-plane both may apply.  
The unconscious mind collects enormous amounts of information from all that we encounter in our waking life. It prioritizes and files the information away for further reference (among it's vast other duties).  
In reality there is much detective work needed in preparing our dreams.

You get the perspective, where the dream is coming from up to this point and further into the dream as well.

Your dream shows that you are self confident, especially in matters of the heart, and at the same time, someone has challenged this aspect of your ego. Apparently there has been a situation in which you have been shot down, in a manner of speaking and it was not good for your ego. Then it appears that this is not the first time that you have been "played" (referring to intimacy or  when being passionate about something). Apparently you have come back for more (like so many of us do).

As the dream comes to a close, you return to the hospital as a reminder that you are indeed in a damage control mode and in the process of undergoing some degree of healing... (this is the purpose of the dream).
IN so doing you understand that this is a very uncomfortable subject, and you feel somewhat slighted by being manipulated by the black hands (at the hands of the unconscious mind...black, symbolic of the unconscious mind that is commonly known as the part of us that works in the dark of night, via our dreams. You are being shown how you feel about broaching this subject (Yes, this is a throw back to the earlier mention of the fact that the unconscious mind had control in this dream, and likely a comment on the fact that if you had it your way, and were able to control the dream (lucid dreaming) then you would not have dealt with this subject matter. Yes, again this goes hand and hand with the dream with in the dream construction. I mean to say that this subject matter hits a nerve with you and if the dream within the dream method would not have been used by the unconscious mind, you may have not made it all the way through without waking up.

My method of evaluation in this dream is a line at a time (or section at a time). IN this way the dreamer and all  those read may gain insight as to how this method works. While the probability of accuracy has proven to be high over the years, there are areas where I missed. Typically when this happens, the dreamer still has enough information to apply, allowing for understanding of the basic message, regardless of a minor miss.

The symbolism shows that you already know about this "situation" that you have been manipulated into thinking about once again. Whatever it is, you know about it.

Taking three steps back,  I see that you are viewed as a regular everyday person, (the bus), who experiences normal things in life, but you are shown that perhaps in the future, you should use your experience and wisdom and get those brakes fixed (on your ability to say no).

Overlay what I have said, to your life and you will know, specifically, what this is about.  



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