Do You Know?

Do you know what I believe?
I believe, beautiful woman that you are,
And tough old man that I am,
For no reason that I know of,
We are sharing this incredible story
We call Life and Living.
And I don’t mean sharing just here,
In this dwelling, in this day and year.
The story is beyond understanding,
Beyond any todays and tomorrows,
Or even of yesterdays,
That I can conceive of.
But you know, I can feel it
As I look around,
As I glimpse the past
And see the stars.
Just being here in the middle
Of this grandest of games
In which we hold each other
And bear our children,
Watch them grow
Or even lose them in death.
You know – it is all a part of the Story.
It is all a part of this immensity
That is happening all around us.
We may be so lost in our own part,
Our own existence and its tribulations,
That we forget we are a part of it all.
And when we live in that small view
We fail to let the enormity of it,
The everything of it,
The sheer spectacular
All at once of it, touch us.
So every now and then I let it in.
Then I howl like a wolf
Because words never encompass it.
I weep because it rips at my smallness;
I shine because it envelops me with love.
And I look around,
And where I can I lay my hands
On children to shine it into their lives.
I tell the plants in my garden
That I see them and share it with them.
I touch the wonder of your breasts
And make love with the passion of it.
Then the day goes on
And I wash the dishes and
Put out the garbage to be collected.

Copyright ©2008 Tony Crisp

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