My Woman

You are my woman.
And because this
Small man has been ennobled
By the generations of men,
I see in you
All manner of women.
Through you beloved
Shines the essence.
Here is the woman
Who from love faces dangers
To be with her man.
For you are the mystery
Of women who love
Makes bold.
You are the tender heart,
The eager smile,
The ancient wisdom
Women have gathered
Through love
And the suffering of its absence.
Did you not tell me
Our love is more
Than our little selves?
And here I am
Filled with the strength
Of the past,
Looking at you,
Hearing your voice,
And knowing you as WOMAN.
And here we live
That ancient and
Wonderful story
Telling itself anew
As this man and this woman
The love that is life.
Revealing again
The common wonder
Of you and I In love.

Copyright ©2005 Tony Crisp

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