The Snake

Slippery, slithering, sliding, snake.
Life, shifting, searching, seeking you out.
Eyes unblinking, fixed upon you.
Movement, energy, feelings too.

From under the earth the snake has come,
Carrying poison into your blood?
Bringing power out of the mud?
Passions and anger,
Laughter and love,
Shine in the eyes
Still looking in yours.

What do you see in the light of those eyes?
What poisons have you
Brewed up in your soul?
What resentment or passion
Or unheard cries?
What tears unshed
Through someone’s lies?

If this is the snake
That has bitten your chest;
If this is the creature
That poisoned your breast,
Suck out the vile nectar,
Draw out the bad brew
In that way there is
The redemption of you.

Copyright ©2002 Tony Crisp

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