Unexpected Light

The toilet was looking beautiful and alive;
So soft and rounded
In its lovely curves.
And it was calling me,
In its own gentle
Peach coloured way.
“Please use me and flush me,”
It said. And I understood,
This was its whole rich life.
And as I stood
Letting my water cascade
Into the eager bowl,
A flood of green blue light
Flowed upwards to me
From the pool’s depths,
Washing over me like
Music, like liquid light,
Engulfing and penetrating me.
It touched me as softly
As a mist, healing me.
That so much tender beauty
Should shine from a place
So long thought unclean,
Was all the more wondrous
And felt.
Then, bathing in that
Treasured stream
I saw the wall
Lose all solidity,
Till through it I could see
Another world —
With other beings
Moving in their
Scheme of things,
As I in mine,
Different but akin.
And I moved through,
Not even walking,
But more a keen desire,
And stood amongst
The liquid light of them,
Knowing their curious hands
Pass in me as textures
Might keen my fingers.
Again bathing me in
Fluid colours of their thoughts.
And I was waiting
For their knowing of me
To pass into that Great Stream
From which they came,
And into which they went.
Waiting for the one
A yearning in me knew,
Who, in the Stream, would
Hear me and emerge.
And so it was.
The Golden creature came,
Who in my dreams I knew,
And filled me once again
With certainties of timeless life.
But from me took
The meagre flow of love
That I could bear,
And drank a single teardrop
Squeezed from my eyes,
Becoming incandescent colours,
Until the very sense of me
Creating body form was gone.
And there was time,
So filled it was unknown
In its passing,
Until it was
The same day again
In my scheme of things.

Copyright ©2002 Tony Crisp

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