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Dream Interpretation / New York, New York
« on: November 25, 2016, 09:21:18 AM »
Last night I dreamt......I go to D's (my ex, but it doesn't look exactly like him), who lives with his Dad. (In real life, he hasn't seen his Dad since he was 4.)  We haven't seen each other for a week. He's sitting in a camel coloured chair and makes no effort to welcome me; no kiss, no hug, no real greeting. His Dad is to the right, Darren to the left, I am facing towards the way out. He says that he and six of his friends are booked to go and see a house at 11.30am and that I should go too. One of his female friends turns up, she's nice but I don't really want to go to the house viewing. I don't understand why he's moving in with all these people. We have a quick discussion and it's arranged that we'll go out for lunch after the viewing. Although I've met one of these friends and like her, I don't really want to meet up with the rest of his friends.

I am in my car driving to meet D and his friends at the house. I am coming from the place I grew up in. The house is in the town I lived in ten years ago and I am already five minutes late. I'm meeting D there. I get a text from D which says, 'Had a nap. Not going.' I am really pissed off that he's let me down again and that he didn't tell me beforehand. I am walking in a different town (in between the two towns already mentioned) with my phone in my hand about to text him back. I sit on a bench, a man sits beside me (or I may have sat beside him). He has dark hair and blue eyes. We talk and I feel very relaxed and comfortable around him. He's not my type but I can imagine us together. Inwardly I laugh that D's behaviour is what has brought me to finding someone, although I wonder if I'm positively judging the new man and settling for him too quickly, before I've really got to know him. This man is kind, considerate, caring and thoughtful. I snuggle into him. I look for my phone and see there's another message from D. I'd forgotten to reply so this message says 'Not speaking to me, Stroppy'. The words are hard to read as my phone screen is blurry. I reply to him and tell him it's over between us, that I've had enough of his crap. I wonder about asking this new man if he wants to get some lunch and carry on talking there but then a woman, who is either me or him, says she's going to get lunch. I ask her what she really wants and she says a KFC. I don't think this is a good choice for a lunch date meal but she gets one and eats it. I would have preferred something better so we could sit and talk but she's already eating it.

I go into a shop and look around. I go to the till and talk to the young, female cashier. As I leave, she leaves too. I ask her if she's supposed to do that, she says no, but that she wants to go. We walk from the shop (in my old town from 10 years ago) down towards her car. She says she's going to study at college.
I am in a shop, working. There are a row of tills and the boss is on the first till by the door and most of the customers are queueing there. Daniel (a boy I went to school with and who I was close to for a while. He was gay and had as many problems with his parents as I did with mine) is serving on one of the tills. A bottle of fizzy drink has leaked everywhere and there is liquid/coke all over the floor. The boss asks me to go on a till and serve. I intend to but first I go to a cupboard and take out a mop and start mopping up the liquid so that the customers won't slip. I think this is more important. I see the leaking bottle by Daniel's legs and keep mopping but the more I mop, the more liquid seems to appear. I can't keep up with it. I put the mop down and go to the till instead. As I walk to the till I say to a woman that she can come with her trolley to my till. I wonder if there's going to be enough space for her trolley as my till is set back from the others and a bit awkward to get to. At the till I start scanning her stuff, a lot of it takes more than one attempt to scan and I'm not sure it's all gone through, I have to listen for the machine beeping to know. Once it's all scanned she asks how much. I'm not used to the till and can't see the total button, it has changed since the last time I used a till. Someone shows me where it is and I look up briefly to see that it's £40.05. I tell her this, she gives me 35p in change but when I open the till and close it again I realise that I did it too soon. I look at how much she owes me and the price has changed because she had some offers and it's now £35.35.
Two of my female colleagues come over, although I think they're from head office, and we talk. I ask one of them how she's going to be singing her song at the pub on Sunday. I'm referring to D's pub. (D (my ex) spent his life in the pub outside of work. It was a sore point for me.) She says, "Will people be drunk?" and I scoff, not at her, but at the people that will be there and say, "Of course." and she says, "In that case, I'll do it like this." She then starts the song she's doing by continuously blowing out of her nose, it sounds like the beginning of a song played with a drum and a jazz brush. The song is New York, New York. I wake with the song New York, New York playing in my head.

* 11 days ago I had a dream which featured the song 'American Boy' and two months ago, during a meditation there was something significant about New York.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Mokey's Dreams
« on: May 27, 2015, 09:14:16 AM »
I had a dream last night which has really unsettled me. I dreamt that I was on a sandy/gritty sandy beach looking over to a cottage. In the window of the cottage sat my ex, looking out at me. I hadn't seen him for ages and he looked sad. Then M was there on the beach with me but his arms and legs had been amputated. He had some people round him helping him but it was known by all that he was dying. I felt sad and didn't understand how he was coping with living life day to day without any limbs.

That is all the dream showed me but I know it's really significant to where I am in life now. M was a man that came into my life about 18 months after I left an abusive relationship. I knew what we had together would never be long term but I also knew that I had to be with him for reasons that, at the time, I didn't understand. M went on to really help me heal from the abuse I'd suffered, he taught me what real love is and he helped me to connect to who I really am. I became more spiritual and more involved in my personal growth because of his input into my life and we had an amazing connection before it ended some 2 years later. I don't hold any romantic feelings towards M but I do miss the connection to myself that I felt when I was with him, if that makes sense. He believed in me and allowed me the space to explore who I really am and so I wonder if the dream is showing me that those parts of my life have been cut off and are dying? If that's the case, that does indeed make me very sad.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Mokey's Dreams
« on: February 11, 2015, 06:36:14 PM »

True Mokey  :) because you are not in the observer mode.

Let me know when you would like me to tell you what I saw, otherwise I will wait for you
to see it yourself.


Actually, I'm interested in hearing what you saw now if that's ok? Thanks x

Dream Interpretation / Re: Mokey's Dreams
« on: February 11, 2015, 05:42:58 PM »
Dream 1: I am at the roundabout near Asda in Havant. (Near where I used to live as a child).  As I come round the roundabout a dark green car with two men inside shoots out instead of waiting. I am also driving a green car although it is a lighter green. I am behind the men in the car and we are exchanging angry gestures towards each other. I stick my middle finger up at him and make him angrier. I go back round the roundabout, he follows me and realises that he was in the wrong but still remains angry with me.

I go into a shop and the driver follows me in. We both stand in the queue, I am a few people ahead of him. As I get round to the front I am level with him with a waist height partition separating us. I grab his newspaper, The Sun, and throw it across the shop floor, as it will slow him down more. I then grab my keys which are on the top of the partition and go to my car. I drive away but constantly check in my mirror to see if he's behind me, he's not, I have left him behind.

I am driving down Hulbert Road (again, near where I grew up) heading to Mum's but when I look ahead I see I am in London. I see some women with pink hair, they are hairdressers. I go into the hairdressers and watch as Nan and Granddad wheel auntie Julie in, (Julie had down's syndrome) in her wheelchair, for a hair cut by the pink haired women. I tell someone how amazing it was that Nan came back to life once before.

The second dream was only an hour after the first dream.

Dream 2: I am living in new flat/house, I have only just moved in, although I sense Jake (my adult son) did all the moving of the boxes. There is stuff everywhere but it still looks homely. The living room is ok but the dining room and kitchen need work. One of walls has loads of holes in and needs filling. The holes are really deep, I try and fill one in but it's so deep that the stuff I am using just goes to the back of the walls. and doesn't fill the hole at all. The door goes and it's Mum comes to visit, she is without my stepdad.

I walk towards the local shops.  I am walking alongside a young, dark haired male and wonder if he is uncomfortable with me matching his stride. He is on my right but cuts off to go down towards the shops. I go the same way and realise there are many more shops here than I previously thought. I think we'll be happy here.

Back in my flat, in the kitchen, I have visitors. I notice that the kitchen has 8 sinks which are also dishwasher type things and each seems to do something slightly different to the others. I don't know how to use them and don't know which one I should use although one is bigger than the rest and seems to be the main one. I wonder if there are any instructions but sense they're aren't. The two visitors, both female are leaving. First one hugs me bye. The second woman, who has short blonde hair, does the same, I go to kiss her on cheek, and notice her bright pink lipstick. She moves her mouth and kisses me on my lips but her teeth hit mine.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Mokey's Dreams
« on: February 11, 2015, 05:39:06 PM »
I wonder if this is where you could learn to think outside of the box?

As I see it:
In the second part of the dream you identify with your mother role and with doing that you
dissociate your daughter from you (again), for you are upstairs and she is downstairs.

It is a process to learn to become an observer - observers do not think inside of the box, for the observer is beyond it - for you are both the mother AND the child.

I think it is helpful for you to go back into this part of the dream and take the role of observer.

I had no problems seeing what your dream expresses in this second part - and I am only still learning too - so I trust as an observer you can see it yourself  :)

Anna :-)

I'll give this some thought. At the moment I think it's a case of not being able to see the wood for the trees.
Thanks again  :)

Dream Interpretation / Re: Mokey's Dreams
« on: February 11, 2015, 05:37:12 PM »

Mokey  :)

I think this is more confirmation that I am looking after my inner child now, the wounded part of me

I wonder if this is where you could learn to think outside of the box? There is no sign of a wounded child
in this dream anymore  :D

Anna :-)

Good point! It's very possible that I still think I am stuck in that mode but you're right, I'm really not. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Mokey's Dreams
« on: February 10, 2015, 09:25:16 AM »
Thank you for taking the time to look at my dream Anna.

I think you could be right about the man on top of the box, it makes sense.
I thought the same about Poppy, that she is my child self and my child issues ~ a nice reminder that a lot of healing has taken place.

The woman, in the third part of the dream, was asking if I was safe to protect Poppy. I think this is more confirmation that I am looking after my inner child now, the wounded part of me and that as her mum/protector, I will keep her safe.

You are right about not knowing where I am yet. I've done all this work but find myself at a place of nothingness. I am not the old me but the new me hasn't quite arrived yet either! I'm hoping the island and castle is an indication of happy times ahead.

Thanks again x

Questions about dreams / Re: Question about dreams for Tony
« on: February 10, 2015, 09:19:02 AM »
Thank you Tony, that makes a lot of sense  :)

Questions about dreams / Question about dreams for Tony
« on: February 08, 2015, 03:53:59 PM »

Many years ago I read in a dream book, of which I can no longer remember the author, something which has stayed with me and yet I don't know how true it is.
I read that most dreams can be split into several parts, usually three. I then looked back over my dreams (I had recorded my dreams for about 4 years at that point) and I found that I almost always naturally split my dreams into 3 or 4 separate paragraphs. Each dream did naturally seem to need a new paragraph at certain points.

What the author of the book said was that each part, when in three parts, represented the past, present and future or at least influences from the past, how it was manifesting in the present and the solution or outcome for the future.

Do you have any knowledge of how true this is?
There have been some dreams where I have been able to apply this theory and it has certainly rung true but in others, not so much. What are your thoughts?

Dream Interpretation / Re: Mokey's Dreams
« on: February 08, 2015, 01:26:48 PM »
I am in a secure box type carrier, on top of a horse with one other person with me and a man on top of the box who is in charge of the horse. This man's energy feels not at all serious, almost like a jester but not quite. We are on a stony beach, maybe Southsea (near where I live), and from my box I can see Poppy (my 7 year old daughter) sat at the base of the horse's neck. I then watch as the horse starts to walk down towards the sea ~  as it goes in deeper and deeper I start to get really scared that the horse either won't be able to swim or that Poppy will fall off. I know there's no way for me to get out of the box and I pray that if Poppy lets go, the man on top will save her but I'm worried he won't as he doesn't take anything seriously. I watch the horse swim with confidence, strongly across the water. Poppy holds tight but at one point stands up confidently, waves her arm around and then sit back down.

Poppy and I are in a shop. She has run off and I think it will be a good lesson for her to feel scared at losing me so I don't go in search but then I change my mind and look for her. I spot her ahead, she isn't scared at all but I feel really scared especially when I realise that she doesn't even care. I am at the top of some steps, Poppy at the bottom and a woman in between us. I tell Poppy to come to me, the woman questions who I am and if I am safe. I tell her I am Poppy's mum. Poppy has really changed from a sweet loving girl to someone who doesn't seem to care about our relationship any more.

I am back on the beach looking out across the water to a secret island. The horse and Poppy will be coming back soon and I'm worried that the horse won't cope in the water that is now choppier than before. Above me is clear sky but immediately ahead is grey storm clouds but beyond that, where the island is, is piercing blue skies almost like a tropical sea. I am able to somehow see something on the island, as if I am watching it on telly, and I see a sandy beach and an area that has been fenced off, inside the fenced off area is a castle. I wonder if it's been done for a tv program and that the island is actually the Isle of Wight and that I'm being made to believe it's a secret island. The horse returns with no problems. I don't recall if Poppy was with the horse or not.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Mokey's Dreams
« on: February 06, 2015, 09:15:03 PM »

Today is February 2015 and you are here and now ,be present this is important . Don't look behind ,always look  Ahead  .

I disagree. I find looking back very helpful in being able to move forward. I have just spent the last year healing very old wounds that I have refused to look at before. I committed to looking and healing and had to do a lot of looking back to do this. I have used old dreams to aid me in this and have been able to see that all along, my dreams were guiding me. What this has done now has enabled me to see what my current dreams are meaning for my present and my future. Without referring to the past, I wouldn't have such a clear picture of the now.

Once again though, I appreciate your input, thanks  :)

Dream Interpretation / Re: Mokey's Dreams
« on: February 06, 2015, 09:11:29 PM »

I would like to add that the Soldier in a dream may also be a sign of discipline and organization that you should follow.And you need to have more privacy in your life.

Thanks for your input Irina but on this occasion I would say that interpretation is probably not right for me. I am a very private person and actually, if anything, I need to let people in more, a lot more.  I think the friendliness of the soldiers in the dream was showing me that I'd overcome and made my peace with some inner conflict I had going on but thanks for your time, it's much appreciated.  :)

Dream Interpretation / Re: Mokey's Dreams
« on: February 05, 2015, 05:13:36 PM »
February 1st 2015

I am at an outdoor weight loss meeting (I recently started eating healthier and have lost a few pounds) but am also very heavily pregnant, due any day. I am talking to someone and I say that I was pregnant 3 years ago, (3 years ago exactly I began a relationship with M even though the time wasn't right for me to start a relationship, which became very on and off and has been off for the last year although we've remained friends. I never felt madly in love with him though) confirmed by doctors, with scans to prove it and yet I never really grew and I never gave birth to the baby but I feel certain that this time I will as I am definitely showing and have definitely grown this time. (I've spent the last year single and working really hard on some old issues to help me heal). I have a tampon in my vagina and it feels as though it is really wet. I wonder if my waters have broken.
The weight loss meeting has ended and they are packing away but I'm hoping they haven't packed the toilets away yet. I tell them I need to use the toilet and they point them out to me. I stand outside, waiting in the queue. There are soldiers in the queue, they seem quite friendly and nice. One is ahead of me and goes in to a fairly large room with a toilet in the middle, facing the door. He sits down and I can see all that he is doing but neither of us are bothered by it. I can feel the tampon is saturated and swollen with the water and I'm certain my waters have gone but I need to check so once he's out of the toilet I go in. This time the toilet is off to the side slightly with more privacy but I feel a little self conscious about using it full view of everyone.

I am walking through North End ( a place I lived many years ago and have a lot of happy memories from) and am on the phone to B (an ex who I was madly in love with but he was abusive and destroyed me on so many levels, hence the last year of healing) telling him that my waters have gone. He is excited and really looking forward to the baby being born.

On February 21st last year I heard a voice say to me, "Less than a year to live." Tony, if you read this and if you recall, you emailed me and said that it was my higher self telling me that I would be having almost a spiritual death. This is exactly what has happened over the last 12 months, in fact when I summarised 2014 I called it the year of letting go as so many relationships in my life ended. I did a massive amount of healing work on myself after an abusive relationship which was still traumatising me and I also healed my childhood issues that were still lingering. Towards the end of the year I felt a huge void, an emptiness that left me feeling quite down but I embraced it as the pause before the birth of the new me.
I believe this dream is showing me that now is the time of labour, that I have grown this time and that any conflicts I had before are now easier to get along with (soldiers). I think it's showing me the release of these conflicts with the soldier going to toilet but I am confused about why I would phone B to tell him of the labour and why B would be the father (I'm assuming he is in the dream!) as he was the one that abused me and that I spent the year healing from.
Also, my relationship with M was at a time in my life when I really wasn't in a place for love. I was too damaged by the abuse but in the last few months it has emerged that I am now ready to start embarking in love again which I think the dream is showing me, I'm just quite confused about B ~ could he represent love, as he's the last person I really felt a strong love for?

Can you shed any light?

Reply from Tony ~

Mokey - The father of your dream child is probably all the positive things you have gathered from the men you have been with, though B figurers strongly.

I am quoting to save time so read between the lines. “Remember that because you were together for a while there is no way you can ‘have nothing to do’ with someone you have been intimately involved with. It doesn’t work like that. Most people are often totally unaware of the massive experience they take in during a relationship and how it interacts with them when we love someone. In other words the memories and experience we gather unconsciously change us and are not lost. It is part of you and is symbolised in dreams as a person or event.”

So the father of the baby is not the actual person, but all that has become a part of you and is an enormous factor in creating the new birth. Yes, it is that love that you felt and took in - I really felt a strong love for?

2015 is an 8 year, a good time for death and rebirth - and of course childbirth. I think you have got the understanding of the soldiers.


Mokey ~ Thanks Tony  :)
That makes sense, I associate B with love. A positive dream :)

Thanks again

Dream Interpretation / Re: Mokey's Dreams
« on: February 05, 2015, 05:12:03 PM »
July 6th 2014

I've been having a few problems with my 15 year old daughter E. She is quite down/depressed at the moment (has been for quite some time) because of various problems ~ lack of friends, being a teen, problems with her Dad but also some bullying from a teacher in school. I have had a lot of problems with the school in dealing with what I consider to be a very serious matter and was all set to take it all the way and try and get the teacher sacked but am now questioning that and wondering if I should just let go and allow the Universe to do what it knows best!
I asked myself on Friday night before I went to sleep, what I should do. Carry on and try and get this woman out or let it all go and just concentrate on helping E to get well again.

I also have a lot of money worries at the moment and concern about starting my own business (both of which are on my mind constantly) and so I wonder if this is relevant to my dream too.

Friday night's dream:
I am walking through my local town on the road that leads to the bus stop (entrance). There are nettles growing wildly covering the pavement completely in one area. People are having to walk right round the nettles by going on the road. I walk round the nettles too.

I am with a man by a skip. He has a bed base or 2 that he is getting rid of. He thinks they are too heavy to do anything about right now but I think if we do it together, we can get them in the skip. We move one of the bases and it comes out of where he's pulling it from much easier than he thought it would. I say we may as well put it in the skip. We do so and he tells me to lay it so it's on an angle, against the side of the skip. I do but it slips so I go round to the skip and adjust it so it's laying almost flat but still on a bit of an angle. Really it's a little too big for anything else much to fit in although once it's in I can see there should be enough room for the second bed base.

My friend Shella's Dad (really lovely man, kind, always smiling and laughing) comes over, says, "Hello, where did those nettles come from?" Either I or the man tells him that they've been there since December (Dec 2012 was when all the problems with E started) when a man from North of the county came down and dumped them, since then they've been growing. We wonder if the man moved down here or was just here for the day dumping them off.

Next I dreamt about something to do with walking my dog and something in a pet shop but this part is vague.

Saturday night's dream:
I am at a school, there is a group of older lads from a different area that the school think are there to cause trouble. I have spoke to them before and I found them to be ok if you know how to speak to them so they can relate. I have no fear of these boys. Everyone else seems to be scared of these boys and what they're going to do but I'm not.

I approach the gate to enter the school field, which looks like the back of my house. The lads are behind me in cars, mostly blue cars. There is a metal fence which has been heightened and there are four prefects stood the other side. The prefects are really tall, as tall as the fence which is easily 6.5-7 feet tall. They let me in and I talk to them a little before walking up the field towards the house/school.

I am walking around an area, through different roads, seeing different people. I feel carefree and happy. I see a couple of the mums from school with their children (in the dream the mums I saw are the muslim mum's from my youngest daughter's school (not my daughter E) they are really lovely, friendly women, always greet people with a smile and a hello but in the dream they didn't). I work my way through all the maze of roads until I find myself at a junction. I am at the junction at the bottom of the road I lived as a child. I have to choose the right lane to be able to go where I want to go. I know which lane I need but it's a bit of a challenge to get to it. It's slippery looking.
My daughter E is with me now, we have got to the right lane and where we want to be and are looking at a photo. E said she always found the lanes difficult as she felt she didn't know if she was a part of our family or a part of another. We look at the photo. It shows E when she was younger laughing as she slips down a slope. With her is her older sister and brother, my Dad and some other family members. E is a part of our family.

I have a bracelet on that my Auntie made for me. (My auntie was Down Syndrome and not at all independent like down's children today. She wouldn't have been able to make a bracelet this complicated). It is plastic and it connects in many different places. One of the connections has come undone and I am worried it will break the whole thing. I very carefully hold it until I can get someone to look at it. I go out into a garden which is mine. It's beautiful, well cared for and very inviting. I put the bracelet down on the short grass and I try to fix the link. I manage it but I'm not sure it's done the way it was done in the first place, I'm not sure it'll be secure. My sister S comes over (My sister is a person that I would currently describe as someone who has changed and not for the better. She is selfish and just out for herself. Whenever family members try to help her, which is a lot, she doesn't listen and just wants everything her own way) and asks to see the bracelet. I start laying it out, opening it up more without unravelling it. It creates shapes of squares that all interlink, in various colours that shine in the light. The bracelet is no longer plastic but is almost crystal like. Some of the squares are linked on most sides but end on their own too, however, as a whole they're all still linked. I marvel at how beautiful it is.
As I look the squares each now hold flowers and the bracelet is basket like, as in, it can sit on the ground, have depth and hold something. I look in each compartment of the bracelet/basket and see various flowers. I point them all out to S. I am looking up close and it's only when I move back a little that I notice that I missed some at the bottom right. I see miniature daffodils that haven't opened yet. I say to S (who now feels like a different person) that I love daffodils, she says she didn't think I did.   I explain that I love them most when they have yet to open, not when they've opened and are starting to die. I pick the basket up and look at the other flowers closely. Some are dead, some starting to wilt. I pick out and discard all the dead ones, leaving the ones that still have some life and beauty left in them and leaving all the ones that have still to open. I then notice a paddle shaped item in amongst the flowers. I take it out, there is a picture on it which gives instructions to dip the paddle in honey to attract bees. I think it will be so beautiful to have my garden full of flowers and bees. Steph thinks it might not be a good idea but I know it will be good. I know it will just make it more beautiful. I feel light and happy. So happy.

If anyone can advise I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

Reply to Tony

Mokey - The first dream is more complicated but I will try to make sense of it.

The nettles are an area that can cause a lot of irritation or pain if you re not careful. It seems it has to do with your daughter and it was ‘dumped’ on her through a man who just came and left; he comes from a cold and dark attitude. Could that relate to her dad?

The bed bases are old attitudes that have arisen from past experiences and it is wise to put them both in the skip/dumpster. Imagine yourself doing that.

Shellah’s dad seems to be the answer to problems that face you - a smiling happy attitude. So with that attitude watch and wait.

Saturdays dream: Your ability to talk to people in a friendly way enables you to get through things other people see as barriers or are scared of. So you are on the right track and “I feel carefree and happy”. Probably because you are in the company of parts of you that do not put attitudes of suspicion and enmity between you and others - the Muslim women.

The slippery thing is that you/your daughter needs to realise you are a loved and appreciated member of your family - as shown by the end of your dream.

The bracelet is a wondrous thing that you have within you. I have to guess about this, but I think it is a part of your nature that developed as you dealt with your auntie. I think you treated her as a person. I believe that we are all, no matter our physical situation, someone who matters, even though they are learning different things than you and I. So in that way you created something with so much promise. You thought it was plastic, but as you look closely you see how beautiful and full of life it is.

You begin to see that this is crystal, a thing of eternity, and links with all.

Dear Mokey, please value what you are and what you have, for it builds links that you may not appreciate at the moment, but it links you with the highest good.

Use the honey - your essence gathered from your whole life experience, gathered through hard work and sacrifice. Take out the dead parts of what you are growing in the wonderful garden of yourself. Marvel at how beautiful you are, and know that your daughter and your life are still like the daffodil bud, still opening. And know that the fading daffodil is actually a thing of beauty, for it is secretly forming the seeds of new life.


Dream Interpretation / Re: Mokey's Dreams
« on: February 05, 2015, 05:10:53 PM »
March 25th 2014

I am in Martin and Juliette's (old neighbours) house outside in an alley way, it is day time. Juliette has come outside to look at something. We go back inside as I am going to be at their house when Juliette goes out.
I am sat on a chair on my laptop. It is night time, it is dark. I feel a little nervous. I hear a noise and look over to the door on my right. It opens and a man is stood there. I am really scared and  I try and shout at him to get out but no real sound comes out. I get up, try to turn on the lights but they don't come on so make my way over to the door and lock it. I sit back in the chair. My laptop is really hot and is over heating and shutting itself down. I realise it's because I've kept the lid closed. (Kept a lid on things?)

Caroline (current fairly close friend) comes back (changed from Juliette), it is still dark. I tell her about the man trying to get in. We go over to the door, it's not locked. I hadn't actually managed to lock it. I try again but can't do it. Caroline turns it a different way and it starts to lock. We both work together to make sure it's fully locked. Caroline says I would have been ok as Ian (her husband) was upstairs. I tell her he wouldn't have heard me as I couldn't make a sound. We are driving somewhere, along a street. We talk about what he would have done if he'd got in. I realise as it's summer it's more the season to do this kind of thing, I suggest he would have stolen money and anything little but valuable he saw. I realise he probably would have took my laptop. I say to Caroline that he was an opportunist, and that I probably scared him off.

I go out of a back door into a school playground (It looks like my first school a little but feels a bit like my secondary school). I walk to the far end of the playground and through a metal gate. I then return, as I walk back it strikes me that it is dark and I wonder why I didn't put the lights on. I can hear a noise and feel scared. I just want to get back into the safety of the building and lock the doors. I head towards the door but see another one further right and am confused about which door I came out of. I go to the door on the right, as I do so I hear a noise. There is a gate even further right, it is opening. I am struggling to get in the door quickly. I want to get in and lock the door but then there is a man right there in front of me. I am really scared. He has on a black hat and he shouts at me to 'Get Out' I shout out 'No'. I am petrified.

Reply from Tony

Mokey - You gathered two of your female friends as some sort of support but you didn’t manage to get male support (thinking in terms of your inner male - http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetype-of-the-animus-jungs-view-of-the-male-in-the-female/)
Somehow the real fear women have of a strange man entering their house has been transferred into your dream, where you have the upper hand - except if you feel awful fear in the dream. This is shown by the lights not coming on, a real film technique as herald of something awful happening. Then your laptop overheats, another sign of rising fear.

I feel it is natural at first for people to be very confused about the difference between their waking life and their dream life. They believe that what they dream is the same as what they meet in waking life. In other words we take as a truth that what is important outwardly is as important inwardly. In other words you are as upset by a dream as if it had actually happened in waking life. Such mistakes make us feel things that are ridiculous. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions-2/#Summing

The appearance of the man twice in the same dream is important. Also what can a dream man do to you in a dream? Of course you can fantasy frightening things and wake silly with fear - as I have done many times in the past, and had to get up ands switch all the lights on, until over the years I realised that it was my fear causing my fear!?? And nothing had actually harmed me.

So your dream inner friend showed you something, maybe just a thought, that in daylight was okay, but when darkness came it grew into a great fear. That fear grew into a power that petrified you. The man shouting ‘get out’ might actually mean in dream language, “Get out of this woman. Get out of her for I can see the awful power it has on her.”

Maybe using http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions-2/#FaceFear - http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/martial-art-of-the-mind/ or even http://dreamhawk.com/news/avoiding-being-my-own-victim/ might help.

They are not a drug that takes away the symptoms, but are work that can be done over time.


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