Receive Received Receiving

This is usually about a straightforward receiving of something like feelings from a relationship, or ideas that are helpful.

But receiving or being able to receive have many possibilities as these quotes from dreams show: we were receiving a heavy attack; a wonderful experience of receiving and giving; same time receiving sexual satisfaction; receiving a flash of light; receiving some form of healing, or redirection of energies; not receiving enough attention; am I receiving information; receiving or giving love; people, receiving it, worshipping the light shining from me; on the receiving end; receiving the power to speak from the word; you are now receiving the cosmic impulses; the breast is the soul receiving its own sustenance.

As can be seen the way of receiving and what is received can vary enormously. So to understand your dream it seems important to define what or how you are receiving, and whether you welcome or are scared of receiving. Having done that you can use the following to make the dream clearer see Dream Understanding also Being the Person or Thing is useful.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I willing to admit or receive whatever is being depicted?

What am I giving of myself?

What is involved in the relationship with whatever or whoever is giving or receiving?

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