Christian Yoga

Most Christians are taught to be forever wary of the evil, the bad, and the sinful. Unfortunately this turns into awful self–judgements. Such judgements about your own actions and the world continually create misery in you, and should stop. That is not to say you should avoid being aware of the re...More

Tony’s Graphics

The first illustration is the route all of the European stock took out of Africa. The spur pointing above Asia shows the journey to the far north and the amazing leap these northern people did […]...More

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Dream Dictionary: An A-to-Z Guide to Understanding Your Unconscious Mind by Tony Crisp  | 29 Jan 2002 4.2 out of 5 stars 575 Mass Market Paperback £5.87£5.87  FREE delivery by Monday, Dec 6 More buying choices £1.54(21 used & new […]...More

Death-Your Questions Answered

We have been bombarded by the idea that if our body or brain is sick or injured, we are dead! It implies that awareness, consciousness depends on and is created by our body and brain. But how then do people whose brain shows no sign of life managed, like Katie who had a CAT scan that revealed her br...More

The Inner Path To Christ 22

Ascension  Some of the great explorers of human consciousness have said that: “We forget that just as sleep claims us, so God claims us, not we it. You cannot think sleep, imagine it, meditate it, […]...More

The Inner Path To Christ 21

Pentecost “And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the […]...More

The Inner Path To Christ 20

Crucifixion  Self-sacrifice is the fundamental influence in this experience. It has been formed by countless people giving of their life, either in death or in long lives of self-giving, such as mothers give to their […]...More

The Inner Path To Christ 19

The Mystical Marriage “Here we come to that aspect of initiation which acquaints man with woman and woman with man in such a way as to correct some sort of original male-female opposition. Man’s knowledge […]...More

The Inner Path To Christ 18

The goodness and badness of things One of the great statements in the New Testament is – “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” (Mathew 7-1). Strangely the enormity of this is often overlooked. If […]...More

The Inner Path To Christ 17

Bathing in the Ocean of Life Beyond that lies the human spirit.  To arrive at a glimpse of this is a little more difficult than understanding the human soul.  The problem is that we live […]...More

The Inner Path To Christ 16

The Wilderness Years There cannot help but be a repercussion, a response in your life to the new energy and potential you are releasing.  This is represented by Jesus going into the wilderness and being […]...More

The Inner Path To Christ 15

The Ancient Mystery of Baptism The act of baptism long pre-dated the Christian community. One can find water for purification outside very ancient temples. Therefore, the tradition of baptism is older than the historical Christian […]...More

The Inner Path To Christ 14

The next step of the path is baptism The emerging spirit in you will not take away all problems from your life.  In fact, having let go of your old certainties, your habitual rigidities and […]...More

The Inner Path To Christ 13

The Healing Love can come from a child reaching its hand to us. Love can flow between two lovers, skin to skin, wet with their own exuberance. A dog’s shining eyes call out love to us […]...More

The Inner Path To Christ 12

What is born this day? When you open to the Mystery that is the foundation of your existence something happens within you. An influence starts to work in you, and this is often depicted as […]...More

The Inner Path To Christ 11

The prayer of the virgin soul The symbolism of the Virgin Mary, and the many other virgin mothers in the world’s sacred literature, show how universal a realisation this is. But if you wish to […]...More

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