I Ching

Hexagram Four

Mng (Pro: Mng – vowel so short as to be almost non-existent) – Immaturity Exuberant growth springing from the depths. Slow yielding reality restrains the flow. Inexperience may not lead to failure. One must learn […]...More

Hexagram Five

Hs (Pro: Sh – vowel as in the French ‘Tu’) – Purposeful Inaction Uncertainty and change confront this issue. But this does not mean it leads to failure. Success is in sight with the right […]...More

Hexagram Six

Sung (Pro: Soong) – Opposition Yielding and uncertainty underfoot. Even though you are without blame opposition confronts you. With awareness avoid combat. Once it is accepted that the possibility of conflict lies within this query, […]...More

Hexagram Seven

Shih (Pro: Shrrr) – Allies Marshalling ones allies and resources with order and direction like an army wins the battle of life. This query may have to do with organising a large number of people, […]...More

Hexagram Eight

Pi (Pro: Bee) – Unity It is wise to seek co-operation in dealing with an assembly of people. This leads to good fortune. Consult the oracle again to clarify your relationship with the company. Co-ordination […]...More

Hexagram Nine

Hsiao Ch’u (Pro: She-au Choo – the second vowel as in ‘House’) – Power Of The Weak   Find strength in being able to bend with the gentle winds of change. No great boon is […]...More

Hexagram Ten

L (Pro: L – as in the French ‘Tu’)- Mild Tiger   Though one in power is irritated there is no attack. The powerful have not attacked for they are full of joy. Dealing with […]...More

Hexagram Eleven

T’ai (Pro: Tie, as in necktie) – Concord   The poor spirited pull back. Those with good spirit approach and advance. To these comes good fortune and achievement. A time of great harmony when the […]...More

Hexagram Twelve

P’i (Pro: Pee) – Stagnation   Fools and weaklings may predominate through their obstruction. There is no meeting place. Remain resolute though the mean gain advantage. In relationship there is a moving apart. If the […]...More

Hexagram Thirteen

T’ung Jn (Pro: Toong Rn; vowel so short as to be almost non-existent) – Empathy   Open affection and love. The time is ripe for an important journey or to overcome hesitations. Wisdom suggests persistence. […]...More

Hexagram Fourteen

Ta Yu (Pro: Dah You) – Great Assets   Through the employment of modesty and the absence of self centredness you succeed. Though not proclaiming personal value loudly, there is a treasure of abilities and […]...More

Hexagram Fifteen

Ch’ien (Pro: Chee-en) – Modesty   The ability to act in a role without limelight leads to success. Many things occur in our life out of sight through the actions of others. Much can now […]...More

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