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Old Fools Thoughts About Love

Love and attraction for a partner are full of strange feelings. These feeling are made weird largely by the ideas and feelings we have inherited from our culture – love for ever lasting; the Right […]...More

The Way Within

Musings of an Old Guy At this point I felt as if that great inner mind had opened to me and that I could ask a question of it. I asked to be given words […]...More

The Guru Figure

“In my dream I had the definite sense it was a yoga or Eastern seminar inside the room, and I was watching a man. Pausing he stood in front of the open door and with […]...More


If we place you at the centre of a circle and put all your dream characters, animals and objects around the edge of the circle, and if we add to this all the many things […]...More

Looking Beyond What The Eyes Can See

A quote from my book Coincidences We all live in the midst of this amazing mystery that is life. Sometimes we glimpse beyond the surface of this mystery into greater dimensions. The glimpses we gain, […]...More

Nothing is Permanent Except Change

Imagine if you will a wonderful and complex machine that when you press the right sequence of buttons provides all your needs. In fact it can provide way beyond your needs. Out of it comes […]...More

Snake Dreams

Dreamt that a snake – a huge python—had raised me. I had the sense that it had cradled me in its coils when I was a baby, and that it had taught me without words how to survive. This was a sort of jungle/life wisdom....More

Listening Skills

Listening is important because if we do not learn it and miss hearing the intuition that would guide us in the most satisfying direction in life. Perhaps we miss hearing the many things the person […]...More

Ox Herding

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What Is The Unconscious

The term unconscious must be taken to represent many functions and aspects of self, rather than something we can neatly define. Therefore, we might think of the term as being like the word BODY, which […]...More

Life Will and Conscious Will

In life and sleep we have two powerful actions working in us. The first is our waking experience based on having a body, its limitations, vulnerabilities and a particular gender. Our second is the power […]...More

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