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Who Am I – Who Are You?

M. I’m going to start the discussion by introducing a general term of the self and what we mean, whether there is such a thing as self. T. Are you talking about our sense of […]...More

The Future

As for the future of mankind, shortly after the year 2000 A.D., a great influence will manifest itself to the world to usher in a new era, a one thousand year period of world peace […]...More


Your mind is a magical thing, but you may not have been taught to use many of its wonders during your years at school or college. One of the greatest of its abilities, seen in […]...More

The Dream World Revolution

IN her book, Creative Dreaming, Patricia Garfield quotes the story of Margherita, wife of the Italian writer Giovanni Guareschi. Margherita suffered a period of deep depression during which Giovanni discovered a simple way of helping […]...More

Psychological Vomiting

Psychological Vomiting – Self Regulation Vomiting takes place because we have an inbuilt defence system that does its best when our body is attacked or injured to deal with, repair or balance what caused the […]...More

Truths about Lucid Dreaming

Do not be satisfied with explanations that you give to the imagery by consciously analysing the dream or jumping to conclusions about what a mime or fantasy means. When insight arrives it will clearly explain and link with your everyday life, your history and how it connects with the imagery of the ...More

The Healing Experience

In searching for relief from misery I tried many different things, relaxation, yoga, meditation , fasting, and diet among them. They promised to be helpful but something was missing that I only began to uncover […]...More

I Had Been In That Direction A Thousand Times

And It Always Led to Self Destruction Our ideas, thoughts and beliefs are the main builders of what we know as our self, and it creates a world we then live in. We build an […]...More

Nothing Can Hurt or Kill You While Dreaming

Whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is like an image like on a cinema screen, so that even if […]...More

Actresses and Actors


Evil Spirits Devils & Demons

The world ancient people’s lived in was one filled with spirits and demons, gods and goddesses, good and evil forces. The many intangibles they were surrounded by, the immense uncertainties they faced, were quite usefully […]...More

Working With Dreams

  Dreams – Practical Techniques to explore them Dreams – The best method to Gain Understanding is using Peer Dreamwork Dream – Exploring it Dream – The Dream as a code Dream Beliefs Dream Counsellor […]...More

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