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Archetype of the Virgin Birth

This archetype, like many others, has a long history, and I wish to show how much longer it existed before it was enshrines in Christian belief. The belief was probably started in pre-history, and below […]...More

Books Have Souls Too

HARMON  Bro,  a well known author and sociologist once handed Edgar Cayce a new book, still in its postal wrapping, and Cayce held it with closed eyes. After a few moments he was able to tell […]...More

Finding My Little Girl

“I feel as if I am falling down a hole into depression.” Tony is my ‘go to’ person so I told him my feelings. “What’s happening?” he asked. I reminded him of what had been […]...More

Language of The Living Body

Wholeness of the mind through the body A great deal has been written about using the postures to aid such conditions as arthritis, hypertension, etc. But I want to show that we can use the […]...More

Super Heroes and Mythical Creatures

Super Heroes Pegasus The Sphinx Unicorn Dragons Pandora’s Box Immense and Unseen Beings Aliens Medusa Vampires Zombies Super Heroes No person that I know of can fly without mechanical help, can send bolts of energy […]...More


This is a story of a group of blind men, who have never come across an elephant before and who learn and conceptualise what the elephant is like by touching it. Each blind man feels […]...More

Dream Lucidity, Witnessing and Self-Remembering

A Discussion Between Charles Tart and Lucidity Letter Editor, Jayne Gackenbach, Examining Similarities Between CHARLES TART and JAYNE GACKENBACH University of California, Davis;Athabasca University and University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada Gackenbach: In a recent review […]...More

Death of Ego

“The main objective of psychedelic therapy is to create optimal conditions for the subject to experience the ego death and the subsequent transcendence into the so-called psychedelic peak experience. It is an ecstatic state, characterized […]...More

You could be a Wolf, or a Human, or a Star

There are many records of children brought up as babies by animals or completely left uncared for by parents. In the USA a girl baby had been kept in a chicken house, never spoken to […]...More

Becoming a Woman

When you enter this cycle of growth and change that you pass through as you reach thirteen and slowly become twenty, you experience the massive change of leaving your childhood and facing becoming a woman. […]...More

We are at War

The War Between The Rich And Poor The War Between Influencers and Influenced The Great War Within Ourselves We are in the middle of several great wars, but unlike past wars using bullets and bombs, […]...More

Occultism and Dreams

We can take alchemy as an example of occultism, a hidden, or even sometimes seen as superstitious, beliefs. Yet alchemy is now seen as the early foundations of modern science. So, we might say the […]...More

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