Inner Life

I used to think I was like a ‘brick shit house’, without feelings. Then, out of desperation because of the misery I was leaving in my choldren, I found the key to an amazing door. The door was opened partly through dreams, and largely by learning to be nothing and letting Life show me the way. What I found, what I have called the Inner Life, was like ‘What happened in Mexico. It picked me up and shook me. It threw me on the ground and made love to me. Then it left me alone and I cried like a child.’ It was everything, always new, always unexpected and wonderful.

The Running Meditation

  The Running Meditation or Your Upstairs and Downstairs Self About forty years ago I was asked to lead a group in personal exploration. I was given no information about what the activity should deal […]...More

The Vision

I write that not as a criticism of our ways, but as a warning. What stood out in the visions leading to this book is that the poison we spread among others is eating away […]...More

The Greatest is Often the Simplest

I witnessed a man talking to a woman he was confronting, “Religion;” he said, “That’s surely a direction for failures and people who can’t really cope with facing reality.” And the woman he was accusing […]...More

Honour Your Father and Mother

I started by imagining taking my father into my being, and that led me to realise as something like a near death experiences, where a person lives there life and gradually only the best is […]...More

Personal Unconscious

This is like living in a huge building in which a small part exists above the ground but a massive amount is below the surface. The above ground most of us are well aware of […]...More

What We Are Often Not Seeing

At the time I was working in a hotel kitchen. It was midday and the restaurant attached to the hotel was about to open. All of the preparations had been made so there was a […]...More

Discovering Meditation

  “I’ve just come back from a weeks mediation with a Tibetan monk. It was great.” “What was great about it?” “He just gave of a feeling of peace.  He could sit for hours without moving.” […]...More

Enlightenment Today

Today, enlightenment requires a lot more than it did in the past.  In the past people were a part of a tradition.  They were sheltered by it, enriched by it, and expressed it in their […]...More

Explorations in Wonder

Each Interprets in His Own Way the Music of Heaven Chinese Proverb Many of us have lost touch with the natural world and do not honour it as part of our life as many native […]...More

Life’s Difficulties

Hi all, I work as a trauma therapist with refugees and have been overwhelmed at work. I had the following interesting dream lately and would like some help unfolding it… Dreamt I am fascinated by a small angelic child in the […]...More

The Descending Divine Energy

We have been told again and again that the Life Force or Kundalini, when released from its old patterns of instinctive animal expressions such as the urge for sex, the urge to over eat, or […]...More

Your Weird and Wonderful Mind

What would you do if you had a squiggy grey jelly in a round container about the size of a football? You could of course scare your friends with it by getting them to touch […]...More

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