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Making love to our partner can be just as much of an old habit as going to the corner table when the telephone rings a week after it has been moved to a new site. When my second wife and I started our relationship we decided we would try not to live out the mistakes we made in our first marriages. S...More

Tune in to the sexual power of your pelvis

Masturbation is like making your own music. Through it you can learn to prolong actual lovemaking and avoid premature ejaculation. sexercise is vital because a basic part of sex is movement – movement of a most intimate kind. The magic of sex is not only that we can share an intense form of pleas...More

Tune in to the sexual power of your legs

All sex is movement. Sexual movement involves our body, our emotions and our spontaneity. For sex to be more than two people experiencing mutual physical friction, movements of our whole self are called for. In the widest sense sex is much more than genital pleasure between two people. Sex is involv...More

Surviving Love and Relationships

A loving relationship is one of the most sought goals. It is also one of the most difficult to attain and maintain. A major reason is that most of us fail to understand some of the fundamental aspects of what makes us love, and what might make us destroy what love we give or receive. To call most o...More

Sex and Homeostasis in New Guinea

Michaela Denis, in her book Leopard In My Lap, tells of an interesting practise used by the Chimbu people of New Guinea. She describes a practise that apparently allows non married couples to safely allow sexual passions without disturbing the social equilibrium....More

Love Sex and Desire

Whenever someone says they love me, or I hear the same thing said to someone else, it leaves me feeling confused. What the hell do they mean? What is confusing is that love often means terrible jealousy or anger is unleashed....More

Interview with a Sex Worker

What do you think was the beginning or background to your becoming a sex worker? “Sometimes things like this start when you are very young. I was a very chubby kid and was taunted about that. Also, it wasn’t that I was taunted by the adults in my life, my friends and relations, but they reminded...More

Beware of Love

Okay, so it’s a strange title, but it’s true. When somebody says they love you they are usually telling a big lie. What they really mean is, “I will be nice to you and share myself with you as long as you do exactly what I want you to do.”...More

Male or Female – The Gender Struggle

Here, in exploring a dream, gradually unfolds a huge internal struggle – the gender struggle....More

Bedroom Blackmail

Do you blackmail your lover in bed? Despite being the most physical of acts, fulfilling sex also needs skilful handling of the subtle sides of ourselves too. Many couples I have asked about this admit that one of the most frequent causes of their sexual misery is bedroom blackmail....More

Tiredness after Sex

I have been assured, many times, by well-meaning men and women, that ejaculation can never result in tiredness. These well-meaning people have also assured me that if there is any resulting tiredness it is purely psychological, and that to deal with such tiredness or exhaustion one would need to ex...More

Ages of Love

We often forget that we love differently in different periods of our life. Then we overlook how we may be trapped in a particular age of love, causing us enormous pain....More

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