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Big Spider Dream

Brenda Blake   Exploring her dream of – THE BIG SPIDER AND WEDDING DRESS DREAM The picture is of Brenda with her baby and my family I was wearing a wedding dress, there was a […]...More

Woman’s Creative Power

See Woman’s Creative Power...More

Explain This

Seemingly inexplicable events happen to just about everybody.  But are they really inexplicable or is there an obvious if improbable explanation staring us in the face? Tony Crisp has a theory: far-fetched he admits, but one which […]...More

Mouth The Function

I had a dream of a mouth, so now I will try standing in the role of this living thing. As Me in the dream I am simply being there on the floor exploring with […]...More

The Harvester

The process led me back to the image of the dream of the harvester. I experienced a degree of fear that the problem with the motor referred to my heart. I let myself slip into […]...More

My Brother’s Keeper

Now a very different thing was happening. It was a complete shift from what had happened before. It was almost like dropping down into a world of dreams. What I experienced was the turmoil of […]...More

Pain – Meeting It

Early in 2006 I received a letter about dealing with sleeplessness, pain and waking drenched in sweat. I answered and there followed a several correspondences that looking back I think might be interesting to read. […]...More

The Next Step – Criticisms

I have met several criticisms of my view of dreams, and the fact that I talk of death, extrasensory perception, out of body experiences and reincarnation as facts, criticism such as, “You have to look […]...More

The Breath Meditation

This is more of a meditation than an exercise, but is important in mobilising inner feelings that lie behind movements. When you begin this meditation, do not be in a hurry to open the hands […]...More


This is something I started to work on an never quite finished. However it is worth reading and is, I hope, helpful. The following example I think is the best. It is a personal experience. Example: One morning my wife Brenda woke and told […]...More

The Gods Walk Among Us

By Faser Dan Li Gods walk the earth. It’s happening now but we can’t see it. We fail to recognise who the gods are and how they pull at our life and draw us into something we […]...More

Simple Truths

The past was a moment that occurred in a present that moved on and transformed it. Therefore there is no distant past, except as light and distance make it our present. All that occurred in that long ago moment lie with you now, transformed yet alive within you and around you. Therefore do not look...More

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