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Your Body is a Great Transformer

Tony Crisp That mysterious and wonderful process of life that brought you to birth occurred quite without your conscious effort or participation. You share that journey from conception to birth in kinship with most other […]...More

The Builder

Things often happened in my life that promised so much but at the time never developed further. I often wondered about that, and it is only my long life that allowed me to look back […]...More

The Way Of Life

The greatest challenge in life arises from not being able to escape from oneself. That means not being able to avoid your own weaknesses, or escape to the whispered urges of your own amazing potential. […]...More


My body started jerking and moving in a pattern of activity that was very unexpected. It expressed a feeling of being trapped or pinned down around the area of the chest and solar plexus. My […]...More

110 Years of Youth Through Yoga

I have had this booklet for many years, but have only just scanned it because its copyright has now ended so I can show it to you. It is about yoga, but not the type the West now calls yoga that are simply postures, but a completly different form....More

Magic Mushrooms

‘They broke my mental shackles’: could magic mushrooms be the answer to depression? Josh Jacobs From The Guardian A liberty cap mushroom (Psilocybe semilanceata), known for its hallucinogenic properties, grows in a grassy fields where […]...More

Have A Break – From What?

I have been interested in the ‘Who Am I’ meditation in various ways ever since reading about it in connection with Ramana Maharshi fifty years ago. Then in the early seventies Mike Tanner and I […]...More

What Are We Addicts Of?

If one actually stopped and simply recognised that we are all a part of Life and so do not need to be victims of our own ‘natural urges’ – something unusual sometimes happened. We are all born victims of circumstance, but we need not remain a victim....More

The Mountain Of Love

Lately I seem to be lucid and clear in my dreams – this one especially. I was hurrying toward somewhere or something, about half way there a young attractive woman caught hold of me and […]...More

What is the Point of Life?

It was 20 minutes to one. I got up and walked down to meet my wife. As I walked I felt all that energy flowing out of me as the experience of being clear from […]...More

Gypsy Secrets of Hand Reading

Gypsy Secrets of Hand Reading To purchase an eBook or Paperback version of this book click on HAND Contents Let Us Begin  The Gypsy Secret The Spontaneous Voice Approach Intuition Used in Researching the Book Intuitive […]...More

You Are Many

An important thing to remember to understand your dream characters/people is that usually we are not dreaming about that actual person but a living image of them formed by your memories, impressions, and events lived […]...More

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