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This may depict an inner state that is unbalanced in some way, a vortex of feelings or psychic energies that can draw you into difficulties in relating to everyday life. It can also be a […]...More

Pen and Pencil

Desire to communicate; occasionally male genitals because of shape. Taking pen to paper: It suggests an urge to express your creativity or to communicate an idea for you to remember. It also could be a […]...More

Withdraw Withdrawal

Whether the dream shows the withdrawal in the form or a movement, such as pulling back one’s hand, or in the form of deep introversion, it depicts some aspect of pulling back the subtle extensions […]...More

Witness Witnessing

Because of the many nature films shown on television we are used to the idea of mature and intelligent adults spending days or years watching the behaviour of animals such as hyenas or chimpanzees. In […]...More

Year Years

The mention of year or years in a dream is often a reference to the passsge of years in which importatant events  or growth or great change occurred. The birth year is a marker of […]...More


This may reflect your daily interaction with other people, but also the constant and massive flow of life events around you. What happens in the dream will indicate how you are feeling about that, or […]...More

Fertiliser Fertilizer

The soil, which is the basis of all life, for plants are fundamental to the feed chain, comes from death and decay. We all need to compost what is dying or dead, and even our […]...More


The riches of your core self – the wonder, wisdom or value of your life in its wholeness. The treasure is often something we have had to face difficulties to gain, such as personal achievement, […]...More


This might be an attempt to escape from your difficulties or internal pains. But many dreams in which the person enters a wonderland are about finding their way to their own innate blissful self, an […]...More


Thoughts and feelings constantly appear and then disappear, sometimes never to be seen or captured again. This is the magical world of mind and emotion, where things emerge out of the vast world of the […]...More

Warning Feelings or Dreams

If we could have a record of every dream each person had, we would see everyone dreams again and again of being injured, murdered or killed. Because these are common themes, some dreams are going […]...More

Watch – Wrist

If a present it probably relates to the giver or circumstances of giving. So, what is said about clock is a good indication. You might have been given the wristwatch in the dream by your […]...More

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