Approaches to Being

Opening to Life

How to meet your Core Self Life is a mystery that as a species we try and try to learn the secrets of, but so far often fail to fully understand. You are an expression […]...More

Letter to my Daughter

Hi Daughter, You asked me to give you some information on dream counselling. I have obviously been thinking about what is best to share with you in regard to dream counselling.  I have learned so […]...More

The Sense of Nonsense

  In an unpublished manuscript I was fortunate enough to be loaned, Dr. Caron Kent describes how some of his patients found healing through working with the self-regulatory forces in themselves. More interesting still in […]...More

Meeting the World’s Turmoil

No matter what is happening, we are all in this together. In fact it is time to honour and build strong connections with those we can trust and love. There is a wonderful and I believe divine spirit in us that is incredibly creative and resourceful. Now is the time to unblock who you are, to ask you...More

2012 Prophecies

To understand the importance of these statements it is necessary to realise that December the 21st of 2012 is the end of a 26,000 year cycle. On that day, at sunrise, the Sun will rise to conjuct with the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic. Many spiritual traditions, such as...More

Surviving Tomorrow

I experienced a vision that stated it was about the future of us all. I have tried to record it as faithfully as I can. Als I have written about how we might find our way through the enormous changes we all face....More

The Vision of Tomorrow

Surviving Tomorrow On January third of 2003 I had a dream suggesting that times of great change were on their way. Two years later I experienced another such insight into what was shown as a […]...More

Dreaming a New Life

Surviving Tomorrow Part Three Tony Crisp Forty years ago, during my twenties, I fell in love with a beautiful woman, she was intelligent, from a well placed family, lovely figure, and she wanted to be […]...More

Martial Art of the Mind

Surviving Tomorrow Part Four Tony Crisp There are far greater dangers than being shot, losing all your money or being injured in a road accident. Statistically that is. Surviving the good, the bad and the […]...More

The Power Game

First we need to wake up and recognise the reality of the situation we live in. We need to carefully become aware of and list the scripts we have learned since childhood - the concepts of good and bad, success and failure, acceptance and rejection, guilt and shame, moral right and wrongs suggested b...More

Life’s Little Secrets

By an apparent contradiction our being maintains its stability only if it is excitable and capable of modifying itself according to external stimuli and adjusting its responses to the stimulation. In a sense it is stable because it is modifiable - the slight instability is the necessary condition fo...More

Notes for Touching Your Core Self

Bell’s Inequality Theorem Irish physicist John Stewart Bell put forward a quantum theorem that has revolutionised the way reality is considered. In brief, the theorem states that when two sub-microscopic particles are split and moved […]...More

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