So many doors To get through To meet each other. There I was Returning boots to C, Awkwardly leaning over The fence between us. And she, opening her door Looking slightly frail Took her […]...More

The Licked Hand

I was raised in world which taught that God punishes you if you sin. Yet slowly as I explored the deeps of life I stumbled on the heights of life and the blue skies. With […]...More

I Don’t Know

You know You know You know, I don’t know. You know, I don’t know. You know, I don’t know. You know, I don’t know. How to tell you. You know, I don’t know, How to […]...More

Beginning To talk

I begin to talk as LIFE, And was saying – But it is human beings who wrote all the holy books. All of the stories arose out of me. All of the music all of […]...More

Lost In Spaces

  The problem was that You weren’t there, So I got lost in the spaces. The odd thing is that I’ve been lost Many times before, But I couldn’t see it then. The sight of […]...More


God, the al-one, I share your aloneness. My soul reaches out Its fingers to yours. Out of no urge but love I link my life with yours. My life was but a loneliness With which […]...More

God Is

God is a sunrise, and a sunset. God is goodness, and evil. God is the bloom on lips Gently reaching to yours. God is the snarling mouth And spit of someone Who hates you. God […]...More

A Woman’s Love

  It has only come with age; Something only known slowly, Through a sense other than My eyes or ears; A thing known over time, Perhaps because I have been In some ways blind To […]...More

Skin to Skin

The tide washed over me last night, It carried my quiet body From the warm sands Drifting me into the sea. And you were swimming in the waters. The waves lifted me And for a […]...More

A Tiny Infant

And I ventured into myself, Becoming the while like a tiny infant, Curled within my mother’s womb. Back I went to the doorway Of the great dark, And looked upon it, And knew that beyond […]...More

Here I Am

  Here I am, nearly eighty, Stomping along like a one year old, With arms spread to add balance In case I fall over. Truly it is my second childhood, And I watch adults who […]...More


Bees   Bees are the greatest shoppers in the world. From the moment it gets light There they are looking in all the outlets. And if one finds a good product They let all their […]...More

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