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Janiger, Oscar

Was a Beverly Hills psychiatrist who “turned on” scores of artists, intellectuals and elite members of  Hollywood’s entertainment community, including the late Cary Grant, to the psychedelic drug LSD in the 1950s and 1960s, died […]...More

Edgar Cayce – His Wisdom

Who Was This Man? – Answers To Great Questions Of Life – Our Origins:Where Did We Come From? – Evolution:Who Are We? – The Universe:How Did It Get Here? – Religion:Is It True? – Reincarnation – Does it really happen? – Jesus Christ:Who Is This Man? – The Future:What...More

Tony’s Story

Tony’s Story It was nearing Christmas – the 5th of December – and I had promised I would attend a party in London with my friend CJ. It was a long journey from Wales, and […]...More

What Language Does Your Child Understand?

I am not talking about the language of the land your children live in, because many children may never learn or want to learn the schooling given to introduce them to teaching aimed at readying  […]...More


December 12 2007 Dear Tony, I just want to express my gratitude for you and all you have posted on your website and for all the books you have written. I still have your book […]...More

Edgar Cayce’s Enlightenment

Newspaper headlines did not affect Edgar as offers of fame and large sums of money came.  Although he never earned more than a modest living at best, he turned down all efforts by others to commercialize on the readings.  Desperately poor at times, he once flatly refused an offer of $1,000 a day t...More

 Edgar Cayce – Who Was This Man?

The above illustration depicts a man meeting his HUGE self – the collective unconscious we all have – and communicating with it. The story of Edgar Cayce properly belongs in the history of people who […]...More

Ancestors – The Importance Of

A distinct and overall realisation arose out of the many memories and impressions; it was that my father was expressing a particular type of caution in all his dealings with other people. I saw this […]...More

My Inner Male

By Anna I am my own experiment 🙂 On a deeper level I have become aware of how I create my own inner world, which also includes my inner male. What can be said about […]...More

Call of Nature

When all that stands between you and a new experience is a thin veil of material, why hold back? Everything is different undressed. And with more Briton’s daring at last to admit they want nude […]...More

History Of Ashram

In the late sixties what is now Ashram/The Wild Pear Centre was called ‘The Kingston Club’. Bill and Judy Mitchell owned the club, garage (that was originally on the ground floor) and Kingston House, they […]...More

How Your Worst Enemy Can be Your Best Friend

You are, indeed, what you imagine you are. Is it time to take a risk and expand your possible ways of being you? If where you are is the best you’ve been able to imagine, and if it leaves something to be desired, why not learn to imagine better?...More

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