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Bleached White Flour

Removing the germ and the bran takes away all the food value, leaving simply massive amount of carbohydrates. So as soon as the whit flour or white rice starts digestive, it turns to sugar, the […]...More

Health Risks – Alcohol

The fact is that ALL alcohol is a poison in your body. Also it dulls down your sensitivity to your feelings, “We’d both grown up with an alcoholic parent, and knew the misery this brought […]...More

Honey Plus Cinnamon

I haven’t tested these, but having had seven bee hives, and seen its curative power with open wounds, I fancy trying these. Great information!! Cinnamon and Honey…! Drug companies won’t like this one getting around. […]...More

Yuki – Touch Healing – Touch Play

 In the Far East there is a concept concerning human energy or life force which they call Ki. In China it is called Chi, as in Tai Chi. Haruchika Noguchi was the founder of Sei […]...More

Back Pain – Dealing With It

The newly-launched website involves spine professionals from diverse backgrounds pooling collective knowledge and experience to have one holistic spinal website that gives balanced and evidence-based information. There are no strings attached and no profits made from the site, s...More

I Believe a Dream Saved Me – With Breast Cancer

By DreamsCloud  From Huffington Post Ingalls had a dream that may have saved her life. In November 2011, Ingalls awoke from a vivid dream in which she was running in a race — she wasn’t just running, she […]...More

One Person’s Poop is Another Person’s Prescription

From Sarah Pope from One of the most heart-rending emails that caught me off guard landed in my inbox last Spring. The email detailed a woman’s arduous struggles attempting to reclaim her gut health […]...More

Life Spans

By Mary Batten –  author of The Tropical Forest, has also written films Science writer-editor Stephanie Bernardo helped research this article.  Science Digest February 1984 Meet Jeff, an average male baby born in 1983. Even […]...More

Helping Hands

We don't need to believe we are healers or any wonderful thing to stand with someone who faces life's ever changing events and put our hand on their back or hold their hand - we just need to be a human being....More

Inner Baby and Child

Please understand that the baby, the child and the adult are three very different creatures with enormously different mind sets, world views and responses. We recognise this slightly when we say she or he is […]...More

Health Tips

Would you believe that One cigarette destroys 25 mg. of vitamin C. Lecithin can provide the same stick-free pots and pans that commercially marketed Pam does-and without propellants! (Just break open a lecithin capsule and […]...More

Notes for Touching Your Core Self

Bell’s Inequality Theorem Irish physicist John Stewart Bell put forward a quantum theorem that has revolutionised the way reality is considered. In brief, the theorem states that when two sub-microscopic particles are split and moved […]...More

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