Reap Reaper

Experiencing the results of your actions; harvesting the results of your life. See Karma And Past Lives

Autumn in dreams often represents the second half of your life, or a time of reaping rewards from past action.

Unfortunately, women reap the harvest of what has probably been sown by the man’s mother. The woman he feels ‘in love’ with then appears to be an angel of light, or a destructive witch, or even a femme fatale.

Knowledge learned goes beyond the individual. At this stage a man can look at life and discover that if corn is planted, a harvest may later be reaped. This realisation can be passed on. At its lowest level it is learned response. At its highest level a collection of conscious realisations about life.

 Example: Death or the grim reaper inside a room with a woman. She tells him to leave. He took her husband. She tells him to leave – forces him to leave. His hand caught in the door, finally he leaves. She concentrates on his leaving. It is her force of will. It is her intense hatred that forces him to leave.

Example: During the last year, three of my family have died. I dreamt I was in bed at home and I woke up. In front of me was a black shape just standing at the foot of the bed. I was so frightened my body was shaking. Then instead of the black shape my dead mother, sister and brother were there, young again instead of old.

The black shape is the darkness and fear of the unknown. In fact, fear of death! You met the dark stranger three times this year, and our culture paints a pretty dreadful picture of the reaper. Images of skeletons and rotting bodies are the order of the day, and you are dealing with the emotions connected with this view of death. You literally shake with them.

But your dream then goes beyond this to a meeting with your family where sickness and age are wiped away, and your feelings of fear melted. Here is the bright side of death, and it is a message for you in your old age that you need not go to the unknown with dread, for your family are waiting to greet you. Find your way to them in peace.

Idioms: grim reaper; you reap what you sow; sew the wind and reap the whirlwind

Useful Questions and Hints:

Does my dream deal with what I sowed in my life’ (experiencing the results of my actions)?

Can I actually see and recognise that cause and effect are tied together?

Can I see that what I ‘reaped’ are because of what I ‘sowed’?

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