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Feelings or realisations that arise without warning from within; perhaps there is a question here of whether a situation or relationship is nourishing or poisonous, due to the possible association of poisonous or even mind changing mushrooms; something fragile and strange emerging into your life. For mushroom cloud: See: atom bomb.

But mushrooms, like bubbles, can represent your present life which emerged from something much older and is unconscious unless you have been awakened. You are the recent ‘mushroom’ that grew from the underground/unconscious material – the mycelium which is the large part of the exterior growth if mushrooms or fungi.

I use the analogy of mushrooms as an example of how the large part of us is active below the surface of our mind and only produces our conscious self – the mushroom – from the mycelium which has lived out of sight for many, many years, when the above ground season is right. It is the unconscious part of you that is immense and pushes out your body (mushroom) to gain experience of physical life. Mycelium, the underground basis of mushroom and toadstools, which are its sexual organs of procreation, is perhaps the largest living thing, sometimes covering as a single organism 1,665 football fields in size and 2,200 years old.

R. Gordon Wasson, the banker-scholar-mycologist who used the Mexican “magic mushroom” (a natural source of psilocybin), told of giving the mushroom to a mute who thereafter was able to speak. So the mushroom for many people may associate with breaking through into what is dream consciousness through using magic mushrooms. Of course they are often used as a pastime thereby missing the wonderful possibility of exploring the depths and heights of ones being.

Many scholars, such as Robert Graves and the Wassons, believe that psychedelic mushrooms and other plants were used in Eleusis and other holy centers, where they were the basis for many “miracles” and initiation into “the mysteries.”

Example: After taking the mushrooms my hands moved to my genital area and I had the strange and awful feeling my hips were not mine – that I was touching someone else’s body. The thighs and waist were my own, but in between was a dead, wasted area. I knew my sexuality was this stagnant, dead area. It was my manhood that had been wasted so many years of my life. My body felt such a stranger I took my trousers off to feel myself more easily. Gradually I felt the area connected and my own again. I felt that I had dealt with the causes of my dead sexuality in the past, but I had never felt the actual deadness quite like this.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was my relationship with the mushrooms in my dream?

Have I ever used magic mushrooms and with what results?

Are mushrooms something I often use in cooking? See cooking

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-Rebecca 2016-09-15 21:44:16

I dreamt my body developed quite large crater like open wounds particularly on the back of my thighs and buttocks……I looked in the mirror and panicked an whilst reaching out to feel the lesions huge mushrooms started to grow then we’re falling off and as I tried to catch one it hit the floor and melted away.


    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-16 11:34:40

    Rebecca – What has caused you feelings of panic recently? I ask because such dreams are often a way of helpfully commenting on what causes the panic.

    You obviously read the entry on mushrooms, and saw that they can suddenly appear from a unconscious source, as panic attacks do.

    Dreaming about your leg or legs usually connects in some way with the attitudes or confidence that supports you in your everyday life. It also links with what motivates you, the emotional and physical strength you use to get about in life. To have one’s legs knocked out from under one means loss of confidence and ability to carry on with life. Although you may depend upon someone like partner or parent for support, or on work or position for self-value, ultimately the legs represent your own emotional or conceptual support system. So in your dream about leg or legs you may be considering what state your own confidence, your own self value is in.

    So what has undermined you confidence recently? You can often gain insight by using http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson



-Laura 2016-11-19 8:48:11

I had a dream last night that my dog who past away this year kept digging in the garden. I was going into the garden and dragging her inside scolding her for digging up the garden. Then I go out to find she has dug up a mushroom which is huge white and shaped like a hand. In the middle of the palm is a note which says you can eat all of this except the parts which are brown. When I look at the mushroom it’s all white except the thumb which is a yellowish brown colour.


    -Tony Crisp 2016-11-21 12:15:30

    Hi – I am sorry I cannot keep up with number of dreams sent at the moment. But I have described a way that you can get to the meaning of your dream. It only takes a little time to work at knowing the meaning of your dream.

    So please click on the link and find your dreams meaning – http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/getting-at-your-dreams-meaning/ or http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson

    Dogs are often so linked with us they care for us even when dead in body. Your dog represent a much wider awareness than we have, and so your dog showed you something important. Mushrooms often have associations with changing your awareness – especially as it was underground so was dug up. Digging something up in dreams indicates becoming aware of what your were previously unconscious of. So I suggest you imagine eating the mushroom and watching what happens, as described in Being the Person or Thing.


--Katrina 2016-12-31 12:04:00

I had a dream that I had a pimple on the back of my thigh. I squeezed it and out popped a mushroom, I squeezed it again and the mushroom grew larger I then plucked it from my leg and thats where the dream ended.


    -Brendan 2017-04-26 5:55:26

    What kind of mushroom and had you had an injury at that site before? I just Had a very similar dream last night but the mushroom location was the top of my left foot, i knocked it off in the dream and dream ended no worries. When i awoke
    I was unsettled enough to google it. The spot was exactly where i had a tiny pimple or bite along my sandal strap for real 10 years earlier in africa! I popped it and cleared up in a few hours but The dream reminded me of the anxiety i had wondering if a minor skin blemish might have been the start of some jumanji-esque african flesh eating disease. Mushrooms are great teachers and healers just like dreams so not surprised that a mushroom dream had a lot of power i can still feel the spot.

    . Ill let u know what i find out tonight if the dream comes back, ill try to fo lucid.


-Michael 2017-06-29 17:26:10

Last night I dreamt I found a really big mushroom, the size of a basketball, and inside that mushroom was a really big magic mushroom. I felt like I struck gold but that I should also be careful in how i use it.

I do have some to take, so maybe it’s time to do another meditation with them?


-Jennifer 2017-08-07 2:11:15

Hi Tony

Last night I dreamt some random things but the last and memorable thing was that I was ready to sleep half inside, half outside my balcony at night. It was warm and nice. I have a few pot plants because I like gardening. In this dream I noticed a mushroom had sprung in one of the pots. Every time I noticed it, it was many times bigger. Then it reached the roof and was pressing against it, the cup not fully opening for the walls of the balcony. My balcony is about 2.5m by 1.5m and is partially covered by the roof. It wilted and puff out in front of my eyes from rain and as it did this I noticed its top was a bright, deep, SHINY, cobalt blue. Shiny like latex. It was awesome. :)


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